Anne B. Wilson

Flint Hills Map & Education Program
Title: Project and Education Coordinator

Annie is a rancher and musician, former language arts instructor, business manager and attorney. Some of her duties as our project and education coordinator include:
  • Administrative Coordinator and Secretary-Treasurer. Manage team communications. Record planning decisions and assist Director. Assist in establishing relationship with Flint Hills Discovery Center Foundation.
  • Assist in fund-raising: create funding proposal and budget, write grants, and recognize donors.
  • Handle billing and budget maintenance.
  • Coordinate design of map exhibit. Work with artist, graphic artist, cartographer, biologists, teacher team and advisors to create and review all maps, facts, art, and text.
  • Create initial website education program and information resources. Participate as member of and coordinate K-12 Instructors commissioned to produce initial Lesson and Unit Plans.
  • Curriculum Development Research and work with partners developing content to expand education program on website: create learning activities and teaching materials, and add information resources. Create Education Program Guide to accompany each school exhibit. Work with designers on Education Program web structure and curriculum pages. Promote blog, update weblinks, and utilize social media.
  • Create introductory and administrative pages of website explaining program, how to get a map, how donate, etc. Create website structure diagram and work with web designers to implement site.
  • Coordinate exhibit placements in each school. Research eligible school districts and obtain contact information. Present and explain program to schools. Plan and implement procedures for production of exhibits and placements in schools: process orders (Application Forms and Memorandums of Understanding), order printing, order hardware, manage storage and delivery. Act as liaison with participating school districts.
  • Develop a School Manual of information with installation instructions and exhibit maintenance, and introduction to website education program including Information Resources and Teaching Materials. Assist with planning of Dedication Ceremony, invitations, press releases.
  • Maintain and continuously grow Flint Hills Education Program. Conduct research to add learning activities and resources to website. Receive and document feedback from educators adjust program materials to better serve. Coordinate Teacher Advisory Committee to update education content. Create Facebook page to increase participation and grow content.
  • Assist with outreach to schools: conduct teacher training and in-service.


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