Emily Hunter Connell

Flint Hills Map & Education Program
Title: Project Director

Some of Emily's tasks are:
  • Conceptualize and initiate project: mission, vision, scope of work and time-line.
  • Supervise, approve, assist, and support all aspects of program exhibit and education program creation and design, placement, and outreach.
  • Conduct fund-raising and public relations.
  • Establish relationship and serve as liaison with Flint Hills Discovery Center Foundation.
  • Identify eligible school districts
  • Serve as liaison with launch district No. 490.
  • Develop Phase One Budget and funding strategy.
  • Research and develop printing process and installation system.
  • Recruit and inspire educator and advisory teams.
  • Coordinate launch in first schools and assist in developing standard procedure for placement in schools.
  • Develop Phase 2 (post-launch) Budget
  • Conduct on-going fund-raising and public relations. Maintain and manage budget
  • Support and assist Coordinator in all activities and supervise administrative assistants


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