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Outdoor Classroom Program Scholarship Application

  1. Outdoor Classroom Program Scholarship Application

    The Beach Family Foundation, Flint Hills Discovery Center Foundation, and the Flint Hills Discovery Center (FHDC) are proud to announce the Outdoor Classroom Program Scholarship Application.  $1200 in scholarship funds are available to eligible schools in spring 2022. This funding opportunity is open to any public, private, or tribal school or homeschool group located Kansas.  These programs are designed for students in grades K-5.

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  5. Grade Levels

    What are the grade levels of your students?

  6. Available programs

    Please select the field trip program that interests you:

  7. Field Trip Dates

    In order to best serve students across the state of Kansas with this unique program, we ask that all teachers provide the widest range in program booking as possible. Programs may be booked for the period February 1 through May 20, 2022. If your application is approved, a staff member will contact you to finalize the booking details.

  8. We are now accepting application for the period February 1 through May 20, 2022

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