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Gateway Kiosk Application

  1. Flint Hills Gateway Kiosk Application

  2. Accessibility

    Please indicate yes or no if available by:

  3. ADA

  4. Car

  5. Recreational Vehicle (RV)

  6. Bicycle

  7. Horseback

  8. 4X4

  9. All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)

  10. Hike

  11. Wagon

  12. (i.e. Summer Only MWF 3 - 4 p.m.)

  13. Please include any narrative you can provide for this point of interest.

  14. Please include any unique, interesting or fun detail about the point of interest.

  15. Please list any useful information for visitors not previously mentioned.

  16. Point of Interest Categories

    Please mark all that apply.

  17. Educational

  18. Events

  19. Fairs & Rodeos

  20. Festivals

  21. Galleries & Crafts

  22. Historic Sites

  23. Military

  24. Museums

  25. Music & Theater

  26. Native American Heritage

  27. Nature

  28. Ranches

  29. Scenic Drives

  30. Unique Shops

  31. Wildlife & Wildflowers

  32. Disclaimer

    Completion of application is not a guarantee of entry into the Gateway Kiosk. All submissions will be reviewed prior to entry in the kiosk. Due to the high volume of inquiries and applications, not all submissions will qualify for entry. You will be notified if your submission has received entry into the Flint Hills Discovery Center Kiosk.

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