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May 03


Posted on May 3, 2016 at 10:54 AM by Stephen Bridenstine

Those of us on the Core Teacher Team have been waiting for this special day – when we could all begin to share ideas of how to get our kids excited and learning about our amazing place in the world:  the Flint Hills.   We still have some work to do, but soon we will have up all 250 learning activities.

Teachers, please know that our idea is not to give you more to teach, but to provide exciting relevant ways to present basic skills you are already teaching.  We have customized, Flint Hills-based activities and resources for every subject area – ways to help answer that common student question:  “What does this have to do with me?”

If your administrator answered our recent interest survey, hopefully later this year your school will be receiving the Flint Hills Map & Educational Exhibit funded through private donations to the map program through the Flint Hills Discovery Center Foundation. Inch-for-inch, these are the most inspiring and truly educational use of school wall space I’ve ever seen!   To go with them are numerous exhibit-based activities - see Flint Hills Map Exhibit UNIT.

In addition, we hope you’ll share with us YOUR great ideas of how to bring the fascinating culture and environment of the Flint Hills into your lessons –see How to Share.  We envision this website as a network and center of learning about the Flint Hills.

Finally, our thanks to the Flint Hills Discovery Center website team – especially Stephen Bridenstine and Megan Berry - for all their work in hosting our web presence! 

-          Annie Wilson, Program Coordinator

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