On Exhibit - Dinosaurs: Fossils Exposed

Dinosaurs: Fossils Exposed January 21 through May 7 at the Flint Hills Discovery Center

This interactive, hands-on exhibit gives guests of all ages memorable ways to interact with these prehistoric creatures. You can: 

    View and even touch six complete dinosaur skeletons, from a massive Triceratops to a tiny Jeholopterus
    Stand next to a 6-foot-1 Apatosaurus femur
    Take your picture with a Velociraptor
    Unearth ancient dinosaur bones using paleontology tools
    Climb on and through natural wood tunnels
    Analyze five dinosaur footprints, investigate 13 skulls, and compare different egg sizes and shapes
    Discover how different dinosaurs moved, where they lived, and how they survived and interacted with the world and other dinosaurs

Regular admission rates apply.

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Dinosaurs: Fossils Exposed is made possible by the Discovery Network, an outreach program of the Museum of Discovery, Little Rock, Arkansas. The Discovery Network was established through a grant from the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation.