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Opening May 27, 2022 - Prairie Playscape

Introducing Prairie Playscape, a complete renovation of the second-floor mezzanine children’s area. This new permanent exhibit will immerse children in an exceptional, hands-on, educational experience all about the Flint Hills. Our goal is to inspire youth to learn about, explore, and care for the Flint Hills region as a unique and important ecosystem.

Q: When will the current children's play area be closed?
A: Construction is scheduled for Monday, February 28 through Thursday, May 26, 2022. During this time, a select number of exhibit elements and activities will be available in a temporary space on our third floor.

Q: Will this affect any other exhibits?
A: No. This only affects the second-floor mezzanine. All other exhibits will remain open. Our temporary exhibit, Measurement Rules, located on the second floor, will still be accessible. If you have not experienced it, now is the perfect time. This temporary exhibit runs through May 8. The first floor immersive theater and permanent exhibits will also remain open.

Q: Why remodel Prairie Playscape?
A: The current children's area has been in place since the opening of the Flint Hills Discovery Center in 2012. Many of the exhibits are showing their age and the 10-year anniversary is a perfect time to bring you something new!

Prairie Playscape will feature three themed areas

Exploring the Land - Kids can identify prairie flowers, see live animals, and explore wind on the prairie.

Working the Land - Learn how people have adapted to the land with skills like stone fence building and cattle ranching.

Sharing the Land - See how the food we eat is produced on the prairie and transported across the country and world.


Prairie Playscape is the featured capital project of the Next Vistas Campaign of the Flint Hills Discovery Center Foundation, a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Through the generosity of countless donors, the Foundation has committed to fund this project (design and construction) at 100%, with no City tax dollars being spent.

We encourage you to reach out to our Foundation directly to learn more about becoming a contributor towards this exceptional mission. You can also request that a staff member reach out to you by clicking here. Or learn more about the Foundation by clicking here.

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