On Exhibit: Run! Jump! Fly!

Run! Jump! Fly!
On Exhibit:  January 16 - May 2
Located in the Tallgrass Gallery on the Second Floor

Run! Jump! Fly! Adventures in Action inspires young people to get physically active. The exhibit invites visitors to step into scenes right out of action-adventure stories and jump into action star training--- playful activities that kids can do in and around home to build strength, coordination, balance and endurance. Run! Jump! Fly! Adventures in Action encourages visitors to try out activities that may be new to them while also revisiting familiar activities in new ways. Cultural spotlights and real-life examples of young people who are passionate about the activities further encourage visitors to get into action. As visitors move through the exhibit having fun with physical activity, they gain ideas for how they can become more active in everyday life. 

Adventures in Action features four adventure scenes, an action star training center, and a toddler pyramid. Each adventure scene provides an imaginative setting in which kids can try out a high appeal physical activity. The adventure scenes include surfing/snowboarding, kung fu, a climbing canyon, and flycycles (flying bicycles). Each area highlights a specific physical challenge of balance, strength, coordination or cardiovascular endurance. Selected scenes also spotlight cultural origins of the activity.  Run! Jump! Fly! Adventures in Action developers worked to make the exhibit activities accessible to visitors with varying physical abilities and developmental needs.