Add-On Education

Make your rental an unforgettable one with a live, interactive program from our team of professional educators. We have a full range of program offerings that meet the needs of any audience. From cowboy presentations to environmental lectures to live animal interaction, your guests will never forget their visit to the Flint Hills Discovery Center.

Choose a traditional classroom style program for a static audience or choose a "come and go" style program where we set up an interactive station and guests can participate at their leisure.

Program Types & Pricing

  • Half-Hour Program - $65
    • Classroom style, limited to 30 participants per session
    • Combine two half-hour programs for $100
  • One-Hour Program - $100
    • Classroom style, limited to 30 participants per session
  • Assembly Program - $200
    • Unlimited participants, come-and-go style for 1-2 hours
    • Select up to two half-hour programs
  • Ongoing Festival Program - $350
    • Unlimited participants, come and go style for up to 3 hours
    • Select up to two half-hour programs
    • Includes second staff educator

Hands-on Flint Hills

Choose one or two of our most popular 30-minute educational programs to dive deep into Flint Hills history and nature. These interactive style programs are perfect for kids birthday parties!

Contact Us

  1. Sally Dreher

    Curator of Education
    Phone: 785-587-2726 ext. 5603

Activity Description
Bison Box See and feel a full-size bison robe and skull and learn how Plains Indians turned the bison into dozens of tools, objects, and articles of clothing.
Cowboy Box Handle all the tools of the trade from our trail driving ancestors through modern livestock managers.  See what went into making a cowboy a cowboy from chaps to ropes to branding irons.
Mammal Box Explore the fur, teeth, and tracks from the eight most prominent mammals of the Flint Hills from the beaver to coyote to wildcat
Geology Box What makes the Flint Hills the Flint Hills?  See the rocks, minerals, and fossils that lie under our feet and make this place so special.
Reptile Experience Come face to face with our reptilian friends.  Learn about reptile biology and see one of our ambassador snakes and meet our official state reptile, the ornate box turtle.
We are experts in all aspects of the history, culture, and ecology of the Flint Hills. We will gladly work with you to develop a presentation that fits the general interests of your audience. 

Example Presentation Topics

  • Fire in the Flint Hills
  • Flora & Fauna of the Flint Hills
  • LEED Certification & Building Sustainability
  • Plains Indian History & Culture
  • Prairie Chickens in Kansas
Don’t see what you need on our list? The Flint Hills Discovery Center education staff is always willing to explore new topics and adapt classes to other age groups. It is and has been possible to use the core concepts of these outreach programs for groups ranging from middle school through college.

Contact us today to learn more or to add an educational experience to your rental: or call us at 785-587-2726