Virtual Programs

Discover the Flint Hills Online

The Flint Hills Discovery Center's Education Department now offers virtual programs for audiences of all ages. We are currently updating some of our most popular school-age and adult programs for online virtual delivery. Please check back regularly for updates!

Some of the advantages of Virtual Programs include:
  • Stay in the comfort of your home, classroom, or office
  • Flexible scheduling to meet your needs
  • 30 and 60 minute programs available
  • Developed according to state standards and core concepts
  • Connect through standard Zoom video conferencing software

Program Types & Pricing

  • Half-Hour Virtual Program - $65
    • Limited to 30 participants per session
    • Combine Two Half-Hour Programs for $100
  • One-Hour Virtual Program - $100
    • Limited to 30 participants per session
  • Virtual Assembly Program - $200
    • Unlimited participants, single program lasts 60 minutes
    • Perfect for school presentations, community meetings, and other large audiences

Reserve your program

We require two weeks advance notice for any virtual program and are offered by reservation only.  To book your virtual program, call us at 785-587-2726 or email  Please be prepared to provide: 

  • Size of your group
  • Grade or age level
  • Date for your program
  • Time preference
  • Education program preference
  We will follow up to confirm details including important connection information.

Custom Programming

Have an idea for a virtual program or a special request? Contact our education team today: or call 785-587-2726
  1. PreK-2nd Grade
  2. 3rd - 5th Grade
  3. 6th - 8th Grade
  4. High School & Adult

Virtual Flint Hills

Choose one or two of our most popular 30-minute educational program to dive deep into Flint Hills history and nature. It's the perfect way to explore the Flint Hills!

  • Time: 30 minutes or 60 minutes
  • Follow-along activity sheets available for each program
  • Education standards vary depending on activities chosen
Choose two of the following:
 Activity  Description
Bison Box
See and feel a full-size bison robe and skull and learn how Plains Indians turned the bison into dozens of tools, objects and articles of clothing. 
Cowboy Box
See all the tools of the trade from our trail driving ancestors through modern livestock managers. See what went into making a cowboy a cowboy from chaps to ropes to branding irons.
Mammal Box
Explore the fur, teeth and tracks from the eight most prominent mammals of the Flint Hills from the beaver to coyote to wildcat.
Geology Box
What makes the Flint Hills the Flint Hills?  See the rocks, minerals, and fossils that lie under our feet and make this place so special.
Reptile Experience Come face to face with our reptilian friends. Learn about reptile biology and see one of our ambassador snakes and meet our official state reptile, the ornate box turtle.
Flint Hills Tools Explore the tools that Native people used in the Flint Hills for over 13,000 years. Handle reproduction items to learn about ancient technology.