On Exhibit: Animationland



On Exhibit: September 19 - January 3
Located in the Tallgrass Gallery on the Second Floor
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Join Tracey the pencil dog and her crew-- Rooth, Drop, Inky, Uno and Kari-- on a fantastically immersive journey to create stories using science and imagination. Dive into the world of storytelling and channel your creativity to develop your own animated production! The quirky cast of characters and hands-on interactives break down the process and step-by-step to reveal how animated features are created. Animationland empowers visitors of all ages to experiment, learn and tell their own stories through animation. Below is a sneak peek at a few of the stations you'll find in the exhibit!
Create Your Own Storyboard
Basic geometric shapes form the foundation of many animated characters, and learning to combine these shapes is a powerful creative tool. Sketch the lovable characters that live inside the exhibit or create original characters of your own.

Be a Foley Artist
Foley artists record sounds from a wide variety of sources to add to animations. In the Foley Studio, you can use a variety of noise-making tools to add sound effects to an original animation!

Make Stop-Motion Magic
Visit four stop-motion stations supplied with a variety of fun props to practice creating an animation. Then, star in your own stop-motion animation in the Plan & Pose Interactive. Get creative and see if you can make it appear as if you're floating or teleporting!

Capture the Memories

What better way to remember your trip to Animationland than a photoshoot in the exhibit. Snap a photo in the Prickle Desert or Comfort Peaks! These photo-ops feature some of Animationland's most beloved characters.