Native Studies Lesson Plans

The Flint Hills Learning Center is proud to partner with the Kaw Nation and Osage Nation to provide unique lesson plans that cover the past, present, and future of these Tribal Nations. They resulted from a close partnership between representatives of the former Flint Hills Map and Education Program and tribal representatives. The lesson plans are hosted on the partner websites linked below.

Click HERE for the Osage Nation Lesson Plans

These include 57 Lessons in the following 14 units as well as helpful information resources:

  • Overview of Osage Life:  Books for Young Readers (4 lessons)
  • Osage People in the Past:  Lands, Homes, Foods & Agriculture, French Fur Trade, Education & Boarding Schools, Reign of Terror (29 lessons) 
  • Osage Nation Today:  Osage Language, Art & Artists, Osage Ballet, Heritage Sites, In-lon-schka Dance, Lands Today, Osage Communications (23 lessons)
  • Information Resources: Links to fact sheets, maps, outside resources

Click HERE for the Kaw Nation Lesson Plans

  • The Kanza: Who, Where, and When - Inquiry Unit - Overview of the history of the Kanza people (middle & high school level): Activities include timeline, mapping, milestone events, and reading brief biographies of notable Kanza people – followed by Who’s Who Game.
  • Voices of the Wind People Pageant - Video and lesson about a historical pageant enacted by Kaw Indians and Council Grove community volunteers.