Lesson Plans

Free Teaching Resources for K-12 Classrooms

At the Flint Hills Learning Center, we have developed a collection of free, fully-developed formal lesson plans to teach a variety of topics related to the Flint Hills.

Many of the plans include curriculum standards/benchmarks, detailed activity descriptions, time parameters, materials needed, prepared teaching documents including activity sheets/handouts, assessment information, and more. Some of the lesson plans are developed specifically for use with the Flint Hills Map Exhibits, while others teach broader Flint Hills topics. 

Thank You to Our Collaborators
This collection is made possible through the collaboration and resource-sharing of educators throughout the region. We appreciate their efforts to inspire and deepen learning of the Flint Hills.

Visit Our Teachers Pay Teachers Page

To search our free collection of lesson plans, visit our Teachers Pay Teachers page. The site provides a robust search engine to quickly find resources that support your classroom efforts.  The following is a list of current lesson plans available on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Flint Hills Map Exhibit Units

  • Elementary School Unit
  • Middle School Unit
  • High School Unit

All Grades (K-12)

  • Big Bluestem
  • Flint Hills Non-Fiction Reading
  • Flint Hills Wildflowers
  • Introduction to the Flint Hills
  • Managing Prairie Communities: Jolly Ranger John & Bad Bart
  • Tallgrass Printmaking

Elementary School (Grades K-5)

  • Art Texture Collage
  • Flint Hills Prairie Your Place
  • Fossils
  • Grassroots
  • My Book of Flint Hills Grasses
  • Prairie and Grasslands
  • Prairie Plants
  • Seasonal Wheelscape - Outdoor Art Journal
  • Tallgrass Tiles

Middle School (Grades 5-8)

  • Burning and Beef Production
  • Illustrating Flint Hills Earth Cycles Comic Strip
  • Scavenger Hunt Tallgrass Illustration

Middle & High School (Grades 5-12)

  • Beauty of the Flint Hills
  • Discover Your Town - Rural Culture
  • Everything is Connected - Prairie Food Web
  • Flint Hills Research Project
  • The Flint Hills in Song:Responding to Song & Songwriters
  • "Last Stand of the Tallgrass Prairie" Song Analysis
  • Local Storytelling Through Ballads
  • Perennial Polyculture
  • Place Names of the Kansas Flint Hills
  • Prairie Teaches Us - Essay Analysis
  • Prescribed Burning & Air Quality
  • Road Trip
  • Using Math in Local Problem Solving

Additional Flint Hills Lesson Plans
This annotated list of free K-12 lesson plans hosted by outside partners was developed to connect educators with additional resources for teaching about the Flint Hills. The list is provided in its original form; some resources may have been updated and/or are no longer available. Download it on our Teachers Pay Teachers page.

Native Studies Lesson Plans

See a collection of unique lesson plans created in close collaboration with the Kaw Nation and Osage Nation, hosted by our Tribal partners.