For Educators

The Flint Hills Learning Center equips educators with powerful tools that deepen and excite students' learning about the Flint Hills. A mulit-year, teacher-lead effort has produced a rich collection of lesson plans and extensive teacher resources to bring to life the science, history, and culture that make this place so very special.

Field Trips in the Flint Hills

Discover opportunities for educational field trips in the Flint Hills.

Flint Hills Lesson Plans

Free, ready-to-use lesson plans about the Flint Hills for use in K-12 classrooms.

Native Studies Lesson Plans

Free lesson plans created in partnership with the Kaw and Osage Nations.

Place-Based Learning Activities

A collection of free, place-based learning activities to immerse students in Flint Hills heritage, cultures, landscapes, and local experiences.

Project-Based Learning Activities

A free collection of project-based learning activities to develop students’ skills and knowledge as they explore challenges facing the Flint Hills.

How to Share Ideas

Share your ideas for additional lesson plans and activities with us.