Conservation Easements in the Flint Hills

LESSON:  The How & Why of Conservation Easements in the Flint Hills Tallgrass Prairie

Grades 7-12

Students will read and answer discussion questions in background article explaining how conservation easements work and why landowners would want them.  Includes numerous special vocabulary terms. 

Follow-up activities include vocabulary matching of terms in article, classification exercise of activities allowed or not allowed in a typical easement agreement, and overall review questions. 

The student will define conservation easements, understand their ecological importance in the Flint Hills, and interpret their legal effect on landowners.

Social Studies (esp. Government, Economics, Kansas/Oklahoma Studies), Language Arts - reading, writing, speaking, Science - Environmental Studies


Conservation Easement - Lesson Guide

FAQ - Conservation Easement (article - reading)

Vocabulary - Matching 

Vocabulary - Matching - KEY

Classify Land Use Activity

Classify Land Use Activity - KEY

Review Questions

Review Questions - KEY