Intro to Perennial Polycultures

Lesson Plan:  Introduction to Perennial Polycultures

                             Also:  Carbon Re-Sequestration Demonstration


DESCRIPTION:  Students are introduced to a number of agricultural and environmental concepts while learning about innovative perennial polyculture research modeled after the tallgrass prairie ecosystem.  Students read and summarize article, completing vocabulary review.  

Companion Carbon Re-Sequestration Demonstration describes how turning an annual monoculture into a perennial polyculture increases the available soil organic carbon (can be watched on video or performed in class). Students extend learning by further exploring research into development of specific perennial crops, and/or researching the life and work of Kansas visionary Wes Jacksons

SUBJECT AREA(s): Science, Biology, Ecology, Agriculture, Chemistry, Language Arts-Reading & Writing


Perennial Polyculture Lesson - Guide

What is Perennial Polyculture - article/reading

Vocabulary Quiz - Perennial Polyculture

Vocabulary Quiz - Perennial Polyculture - KEY

Summarize Ideas Activity - Perennial Polyculture article

Demonstration:  Carbon Re-sequestration - Guide

Carbon Re-sequestration - Outline & Qs (for student)

Carbon Re-sequestration - Outline & Qs - KEY