Flint Hills - Native Studies

Culture-based lessons on Flint Hills Native People

"The history of the land on which we stand is ours, too." - Jaune Quick-to-See Smith

Our general K-12 Flint Hills lessons contain about 16 lessons on Native Americans - from the Newspaper in Education-The Oklahoman series, from National Museum of American Indian, and other sources.  These are excellent, but we also especially recommend the following tribal-specific lessons, created in collaboration with the Flint Hills Map & Education Program, to represent cultures in the Flint Hills.


Osage Nation K-12 Lessons (click here):   "The story of the Osage is a story of our people, but also a story of the land, of survival and spirituality, of family and community, and of America and the human experience."

See overview of lessons, grade levels and subject areas:  Lesson-Grade Level-Subject Spreadsheet  

57 Lessons in following 14 UNITS:

  • OVERVIEW:  Books for Young Readers (4 lessons)
  • PAST:  Lands, Homes, Foods & Agriculture, French Fur Trade, Education & Boarding Schools, Reign of Terror (29 lessons) 
  • PRESENT:  Osage Language, Art &Artists, Osage Ballet, Heritage Sites, In-lon-schka Dance, Lands Today, Osage Communications (23 lessons)


Kaw Nation - K-12 lessons (click here)

  • The Kanza: Who, Where, and When - Inquiry Unit - Overview of the history of the Kanza people (middle & high school level): Activities include timeline, mapping, milestone events, and reading brief biographies of notable Kanza people – followed by Who’s Who Game.
  • Voices of the Wind People Pageant - Video and lesson