Flint Hills Songs & Songwriters

LESSON:  Flint Hills Songs & Songwriters - Grades 7-12 (also adaptable to lower).

As background, students identify characteristics of the Flint Hills as a place: view map of the Flint Hills and discuss its location and geographical boundaries, and review poster (high school map side panel) identifying cultural features of the area.  

Then, each student chooses from over 20 songs provided - written and recorded by Flint Hills-area songwriters/performers.  They read Lyrics sheet and listen to on-line recording of the song.  

They complete Analysis Questions identifying poetic and literary techniques, and write a personal response paragraph identifying how this is a place-based song - embodying aspects of the Flint Hills landscape and/or culture (quotations required). 

Other assessment tools includes Literary Terms Quiz.  Extended learning activities in art, music and language arts.

Language Arts, Music, Social Studies, Art 

Lesson Plan Guide - Flint Hills in Song - Responding to Songs & Songwriters

List of Flint Hills Songs & Songwriters (Song titles, songwriter, and brief description each song)

Flint Hills Songs - Lyrics Sheets

Flint Hills Song - Analysis & Response Questions

Literary Terms - Flint Hills Songs - Quiz

Literary Terms - Flint Hills Songs Quiz - KEY