Last Stand of the Tallgrass Prairie

LESSON:  “Last Stand of the Tallgrass Prairie” - Analysis of Song Lyrics Celebrating Ecosystem - Grades 5-12

As background, students interpret maps of historic and current tallgrass prairie ecosystem area (showing only 4% left), discussing reasons for changes and losses of native prairie.  

Students respond to the music video of this place-based song celebrating the Flint Hills - largest remaining area of tallgrass prairie.  

Through Guided Questions (written or oral), students apply literary terms to song lyrics to determine song structure, identify poetic devices and key ideas, examine word choice, determine cause & effect, and interpret author’s intent.   

Assessment includes Literary Terms Vocabulary Quiz. 

To extend learning, students are invited to:  write a poem or “anthem”-type song of their own celebrating a special place in their lives, create a video celebrating place, further explore remaining tallgrass prairie through map activities, or research solutions - ways to protect the tallgrass prairie and ranches through conservation easements.

Language Arts, Music, Science, Social Studies