Beauty of the Flint Hills

Beauty of the Flint Hills - Lesson

Literary Analysis of Song:   “Clean Curve of Hill Against Sky” - Grades 7-12


Students consider importance of the beauty of the Flint Hills - especially the scenic, clean horizons. 

As background to song & video, students locate the Flint Hills elevated ridge-top geography on a map, identify the eco-services of the prairie, and determine the main threats to the clean horizons - including development and woody invasion from suppression of fire in developed areas. 

Main Activity: Students listen and respond to the music video of this place-based song celebrating the few remaining unspoiled horizons of the Flint Hills. Through Guided Questions (written or oral), students apply literary terms to song lyrics to determine song structure, identify poetic devices and key ideas, examine word choice, determine cause & effect, and interpret author’s intent.   Assessment includes Literary Terms Vocabulary Quiz.  

Extended Learning explores related Business, Science & Social Studies projects, as well as analysis of songs on related themes.

Language Arts, Music, Science, Art, Business, Social Studies, & Psychology

Extended Learning - Lyrics: