Native American Studies

Osage NationOsage Nation 
Official site of tribe that lived in eastern area of Flint Hills, now in Oklahoma. Esp. Historic Preservation section with Ancestral Map and article on Osage Cultural History at: and Language Dept.
Osage Nation  
Osage Nation - lessonsOsage Nation Lessons & Info Resources57 Culture-Based Topics, over 40 Fact Sheets & references about Osage past, present & future
Osage Nation
Kaw NationKaw Nation   

Official website of Kansas' namesake tribe that once lived in the Flint Hills, now in Oklahoma. Click on Culture for rich historical story. Also Government tabs explains political structure of the Nation today.  Kaw Mission State Historical Site  also helps tell the story. Kaw Nation holds annual pow-wow near here in June at Allegawaho Memorial Heritage Park pavilion, located in beautiful native park with public access for hiking.  Historic buildings and model Kaw home nearby.
Kaw Nation
Kaw Nation - learning resourcesKaw Nation Lessons Resources & activities include timeline, mapping, milestone events, biographies of notable Kanza people, and videos.
Kaw Nation
Citizen PotawatomiCulture - Citizen Potawatomi 
Tells of history of this Potawatomi group who were forced to move from Great Lakes region and Indiana area to Kansas in 1840’s, later to Oklahoma. Now is federally-recognized nation in Cleveland and Pottawatomie Counties, Oklahoma.  
Citizen Potawatomi  
Prairie Band PotawatomiOur History and Culture - Prairie Band Potawatomi 
Describes history of Potawatomi group forcibly removed from Great Lakes and Indian region to Kansas in 1840’s. Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation is located in Jackson County partially in Flint Hills region.  
Prairie Band Potawotomi Nation
PawneePawnee Rock State Historical Site 
Though this site is not in the Flint Hills, the Pawnee Indians came through the Flint Hills on occasion. Read about the history of Pawnee Rock.  
Kansas State Historical Society
KickapooKickapoo NationOfficial site of the Kickapoo Nation whose reservation is  near the Flint Hills today and who ranged there in early times.  Article on cultural history tells their story.  Kickapoo Nation
Native Americans in KansasHistoric Indians and Emigrant Indians 
Two articles list and describe (1) “Historic” tribes who lived and traveled in Kansas of own will, and (2) “Emigrant” tribes forcibly removed from other areas by Euro-settlers - includes map of various reservations. Due to nomadic movement, boundaries are difficult to determine, but many of these people ranged through the Flint Hills Region.  
Center for Great Plains Studies