Fall 2018 Adventure Camps

Below offers a detailed description for camps offered this fall. For a general overview of this program, visit our main Adventure Camp page.

Pre-Registration Required

All participants must pre-register for each session. Pre-register online, by phone at 785-587-2726 or in person at the Flint Hills Discovery Center. Registration is opens August 6.

Before You Begin Your Adventure

  • Complete emergency release and permission forms and return them to the FHDC Education Department on or before your first program of the season. Click here to download forms.
  • All parents should read the Adventure Camp Parent Handbook prior to dropping their child off at camp. Parents failing to follow the rules and regulations outlined in this handbook may result in a child’s removal from camp.

Camp Locations

During the school year, Adventure Camps are offered at both the Flint Hills Discovery Center and Sunset Zoo. The grade of the child participating determines the camp location.

 Grade  Dates  Camp Location
Grades K-2 Sept. 21 through Dec. 21 FHDC
  Dec. 26 through Jan. 21 Sunset Zoo*
Grades 3-6 Sept. 21 through Dec. 21 Sunset Zoo*
  Dec. 26 through Jan. 21 FHDC
* To register for camps at Sunset Zoo, visit SunsetZoo.com

School Year Pricing

 Session  FHDC / Zoo Member Fee  Non-Member Fee
 Full Day, 7:30 AM-5:30 PM $22 $25
 Half Day, 7:30 AM-12:15 PM $13 $15

Camps for Grades K-2 at Flint Hills Discovery Center

Date Class  Description
September 21 Wilderness Skills Do you have what it takes to survive the wilderness? Join us on a mock-campout! Use new and old outdoor skills to get ready for a real life adventure!
October 8 Junior Archaeologists Celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day at the Discovery Center by uncovering the past with an archaeologist! Learn about the past and present Native American cultures in the Flint Hills.
October 19 Design Town Design a town using the engineering process, then build it using lots of recycled materials! We'll fill the classroom with our very own village!
October 25 Creature Feature Spiders, scorpions, snakes, Oh My! What makes some creatures so creepy? Let's take a closer look at some of our spooky animal neighbors.
October 26 Pumpkin Day It's National Pumpkin Day! Let's celebrate by enjoying the flavors they offer, decorating pumpkins, and playing a game of Pumpkin Hunt!
November 19 Bison Bash The American bison is our National Mammal. Join us as we try some bison snacks, touch real bison fur and discover how important the bison is to the prairie.
November 20 Wild Wolves Wolves can be found in stories and on t-shirts, but where else can you find a wolf? Take a closer look at a wolf habitat and where they can be found throughout North America.
November 21 Turkey Time Turkeys everywhere! Learn about wild turkeys, then create and play turkey-themed games while we celebrate all the things we are thankful for.
December 20 Prairie Pioneers Spend the day experiencing how early Kansas pioneers accomplished everyday tasks in their new prairie homes. Create your own homemade items every family needs; a lantern to light their home, a quill pen for writing letters to their friends and family "back home," and more!
December 21 Ranchers and Rustlers Cowboys have special tools of the trade. Come lasso up some fun with our Cowboy Toolbox.

Camps for Grades 3-6 at Flint Hills Discovery Center

Date Class Description
December 26 Rancher Roundup Come try your hand at cowboy skills! We will take a look at the tools and techniques ranchers and cattlemen use to manage their herd.
December 27 Pioneers Skills Come try out some old-timey methods for everyday activities and see how much life on the prairie has changed.
December 28 Wolves and Wilderness Wolves in the Flint Hills? Come see our wolf exhibit and discover the history and future of wolves in North America.
January 2 Bison Business Can you run a bison ranch? Come see what it takes to care for bison, the largest grazers on the prairie.
January 21 Celebrate Our State Kansas has a lot to offer, celebrate our great State with games, the state symbols, and more!