On Exhibit: Be the Dinosaur

Eat, sleep & live like a dinosaur!

May 12 - September 3, 2018

What was a day like in the life of a dinosaur? How might they have lived? Now you can experience it! Stomp around prehistoric times as you get to “Be the Dinosaur.” This exhibit uses virtual technology so you can live like your favorite dinosaurs.

Learn what food you had to hunt to stay healthy. Find out if you had to take naps or were able to swim. Whether you’re 9 or 99, you can use virtual simulation to unleash your wild side!

Besides virtual technology, there will also be hands-on aspects to the exhibit. You can explore a dig pit to find fossils, examine a triceratops skull, and more!

Exhibit Programs

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Behind the Dinosaurs

Visitors of our latest exhibit, Be the Dinosaur, will have the chance to see two incredible murals painted by our very own Gift Store Coordinator Penny Cullers.

 Cullers has worked at the FHDC for five years and has been a resident of Manhattan since 1971. One of her more hidden talents is her gift of painting.

“When I was a kid we used to live in the Chicago area, and we went to the Field Museum where there are a lot of dino exhibits,” Cullers said.

“As a kid I got pretty excited about dinosaurs, and so I know what it feels like to walk into a museum and see something big and spectacular. My inspiration was my own childhood essentially. My experiences at a museum and how great it felt to see the visuals that made everything amazing for me as a kid.”

Time was the biggest obstacle Cullers had to overcome in completing the murals. The process included projecting the image onto the wall, tracing it in chalk, choosing a color scheme and then diving into painting. “It took two days for each one and it was about eight hours a day,” Cullers said. “The T. rex is 29 feet long and about 20 feet high. The triceratops is about 20 feet by 20 feet. It was a big project, but it got done pretty quickly.”

After roughly 32 hours of blood, sweat and paint, the murals have been completed. Guests are encouraged to capture their prehistoric adventure by taking photos with the T. Rex and Triceratops using #FHDCBetheDino*.

“Seeing kids excited about the exhibit’s elements and the murals I did makes it all worthwhile.” Cullers said.

*Guests who post a photo with #FHDCBetheDino and show the post to our front desk staff receive 10% off in the gift store. Cannot be combined with any other offers.