Kansas Day Activities

Brief, meaningful activities to add variety and real learning to your Kansas Day! 

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Kansas Day Activities - for Classroom or adapt to Stations 
Home on the Prairie Songs
21 singalongs for younger kids - recordings & lyrics + background info on subjects
Music, Science
Interactive Flint Hills Wildlife Pop-ups - Scavenger Hunt
On-line interactive explorations of rich illustration of wildlife, hunt for examples and facts
Wildflower Music Video activities
Singalong, flower identification cards activity, lyrics analysis, individual or classroom art collage, civics lesson
Music, Language Arts, Art & Social Studies
Flint Hills Grasses Stations
Learn characteristics of the four main tallgrasses at stations
Prairie Texture Collage
Using natural objects from the prairie to make a collage
Art & Science
Make Your Own Fossils Activity
Make their own fossils in simple clay and plaster cast - learn principle of fossil formation
Art & Science
Cowboy Clothes Budget
(lesson B pp 13-17)
Examine some examples of cowboy outfits/gear, figure costs from cowboy wages - Go to Lesson B - pp 13-17 American Cowboy Trunk Guide - do not need trunk)
Math & Social Studies
Little Bluestem - Kansas State Grass
Read aloud story &/or powerpoint on grass science, crossword, coloring pages, cut-out bookmarks
Science, Art
Using Map Coordinates to Create a Location Index 
Students locate place on theirFlint Hills Reference map, determine coordinates, and create a Location Index. (adapted from Map Exhibit Unit-Regional Map Activity)
10Tallgrass Print-makingWith simple materials, students will create a color print of one or more of the four main tallgrasses.  Adaptable to stations.
Science, Art
11Flint Hills Place NamesVariety of activities explore origins of county, town, and place names; classify sources of names; learn names and county seats of Flint Hills counties.
Social Studies
12Big Bluestem Wanted PosterStudents watch slide presentation about tallest grass, and then make Wanted Poster + "Big Bluestem" song to play while they work!Science, Social Studies, Music