High School / College 9-12+

Flint Hills Research Project - Grades 9-12

Fully integrated, sequenced unit - for Documented Essay containing Cause and Effect analysis on Flint Hills / place-based topics. (Sixteen classes - each 85-minute blocks)
Includes helpful ready-made tools for teacher to guide students to success in self-management and independent learning: Calendar - breaks up into steps & sets mini-deadlines, Student Contract Slip, Tracking Student Progress - Chart, Topic Choice Report Forms, Interview Appointment Slip.
Includes use of Primary Sources - Learn interview skills, citing primary sources; also How to Write a Thank You Note.
Skills: steps in research, types of evidence, using keywords, citations and documentation, quoting, paraphrasing, avoiding plagiarism, outlining, introductions, conclusions, cause and effect topic sentences, revision.
Cross -curricular (All Subjects depending on topic): Language Arts + Social Studies, Science, etc.

Everything Is Connected - Grades 9-12

Students examine and form conjectures regarding connections between ecosystem elements - plants, animals, weather, etc., exploring food chains, food webs, dependence of organisms, interactions and dynamics in ecosystems.
Students create and explain these connections through a visual representation of this complex web of relationships.
Science - Biology

Prairie Jeopardy Game - Grades 9-12 http://wwx.inhs.illinois.edu/files/6413/3977/5469/What20a20prairie20is20and20isnt.pdf
Illinois Natural History Survey - Prairie Research Institute
A game played by five students (four players and a judge) teaches important characteristics of a prairie ecosystem. The game incorporates a series of true or false questions that allow students to advance their positions on a game board. Illinois was part of the tallgrass prairie, so most of the questions are applicable to the Flint Hills or can be adapted to Flint Hills. Excellent set of substantive questions about the tallgrass prairie!

Plant Collections - - Grades 9-12
K-State Biodiversity Information Systems
These materials are an educational lesson aimed at the high school level and focused on collection of plant specimens for herbaria. These materials were developed by former Wabaunsee County High School teacher Tonia Carlson as part of her experience as an NSF Research Experiences for Teachers

Frog & Toad Lesson Plan - Grades 9-12
River Science Curriculum of Friends of the Kaw River
Students investigate the taxonomy, biology, and habitat requirements of six common species, create an online or e-field guide, and map habitat areas in their neighborhood.

Climate Science in Focus - Earth as a System - Grades 9-12
National Park Service
Students will learn about the four Earth systems and how they are connected. Students will be able to:
1. Explain the Earth as a system of interconnected parts
2. Properly define and use Earth science vocabulary