Flint Hills Field Trips

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Lesson Topics
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Farm and Ranch Heritage, Nature
A Day on the Farm brings young people outdoors to learn about gardening and food sources - hands-on, learn about bees, hike, explore nature trail, ranch history.
Pioneer Bluffs 
Flint Hills
Students can visit Flint Hills Discovery Center for both for general tours and numerous on-site special programs (with curriculum standards and core content). Many creative ideas - dynamic, changing programs list. Also, see “Outreach” section for programs in your school presented by Discovery Center staff.
Flint Hills Discovery Center
Nature & Wildlife
Various education field trip programs available on the Konza: nature trails and hikes, wildlife-watching, hands-on science activities
Konza Prairie Education Program 
Nature & Wildlife
GPNC is a leader in environmental education in Kansas. Not in Flint Hills but focuses on prairie and aquatic education. Located in 282-acre Chisolm Creek Park. Offers special field trips for schools, as well as year-round events. Koch Habitat Hall nature museum on prairie, climate, includes huge aquarium of native fish. Hands-on exhibits.
Great Plains Nature Center 
Nature & Wildlife - Wildlife & Plants
Student tours available to take “modern day covered wagon” (tram) to see bison up close and personal. Also elk, wildflower and birds.
Maxwell Wildlife Refuge 
Nature & Wildlife, Outdoor Recreation
Over a dozen hands-on outdoor education lessons. Classic outdoor experiences for kids. Prairie plants and wildlife, fossils, streams, hiking, canoeing, orienteering, outdoor cooking and fire-building, archery, fishing, games
Camp Wood YMCA - Outdoor Education Lessons 
Nature & Wildlife, Fish
See “Programs” where staff offer free-of-charge hands-on lessons in natural science. Pre-K to 3rd, 4th and above, All Ages. Creative and fun ideas. Also Fish Hatchery Tour - best in April.
Milford Nature Center 
Nature & Wildlife, History
Kids can walk through the prairie and visit historic buildings with a ranger to learn about natural and cultural resources of the Preserve. Also, Science Lessons: Park Rangers help students and teachers with field lessons on: Grasshoppers, Prairie and Fire, Stream Invertebrates
Read the Junior Ranger Learning Activities Booklet (PDF)with questions to be answered watching the video, reading the wayside exhibits and kiosks, exploring the buildings, and by observing nature. Contact Preserve to arrange classroom visits.
Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve
Nature & Wildlife, History, Other
Over a dozen of their one-hour, K-9, hands-on learning activities: Wildlife, hiking, GPS, Native American and pioneer history, streams machines, stars, wind, robotics, rocketry
Rock Springs 4-H Camp