Tools, Resources, Special Activities, Music, Videos - to help your students learn about the Flint Hills!

Kansas Day Activities

Variety of recommended activities to add fun and real learning to your Kansas Day!  Ideas for classroom; many also adaptable to stations. Numerous subject areas, cross-curricular.

Free Book: “The Autumn Calf”

Available free of charge to teachers, libraries & schools (call (785) 587-0381 or email] About a Konza Prairie bison calf and its struggle to survive on the Kansas prairie. Beautiful illustrations & sidebars with extensive info on Tallgrass Prairie ecosystem, bison, etc.  Available free of charge to teachers, libraries & schools (call (785) 587-0381 or email  Has lesson plans.

Interactive - Species Pop-ups in Flint Hills Wildlife Illustration - (side panel from Flint Hills Map - Middle School exhibit)

Kids click on any of the 58 features in the beautiful illustration and up pops the species name and web links for more information.  Fun way to learn Flint Hills Wildlife & Geology!  See Lesson Plans - Middle School Scavenger Hunt - Tallgrass Illustration for related activities.

Flint Hills Tallgrass Prairie - Your Place in Our World 

(Early Grades K-2+)  17-slide presentation with maps, photos, and basic facts introducing young students to geography, Flint Hills, tallgrass prairie plants and animals, types of grasses, role of fire, need for conservation of last 4 percent.  List of video links at the end.  Also see full Lesson Plan with Quizlets, etc.

What are the Flint Hills & Why Should We Preserve Them?

(Upper Elementary, Middle, and High School)  60+ slide presentation - Introduction to the Flint Hills: where located, types of prairie, 4 main grasses, biodiversity, geology, fire, carbon cycle, beef production, sustainability, art, recreation, public access, eco-services, need for preservation.  See Introduction to the Flint Hills Lesson Plan with review questions to go with this.

Flint Hills Songs for Kids - My Home on the Prairie Project

(Elementary level) - History & Science Themes
  • 21 Song Recordings - Sung by students at Cassoday Primary School, Cassoday, Kansas
  • With lyrics & subject info on each
Use these songs to reinforce science & history lessons OR have your classes write their own! See simple song-writing formula on #6 My Home on the Prairie - Lyrics & Info

Flint Hills Wildflowers - Music Video & Activities 

(Upper Elementary - High School) - Music, Reading, Language Arts, Art, Social Studies, Science
Fun way to learn about 24 Flint Hills wildflowers through song lyrics illustrated with photos and plant names. Several follow-up activities to choose from in Lesson at Wildflower Music Video Lesson: plant identification & lyrics analysis, art activity, and civics lesson on non-profits.

Story of Little Bluestem - Kansas State Grass

(Elementary) Powerpoint presentation presents story of fictionalized character, Little Bluestem, and how he became Kansas’ state grass.  Additional info provided about Little Bluestem’s appearance, color, plant parts, habitat, and importance.  Ends with links to four Little Bluestem activities on-line.

Flint Hills Grasses - Stations Activity

(Elementary) Students rotate through four stations learning identifying characteristics of four principal tallgrass prairie grass species - around 5 min per station, total 20-30 minutes
NOTE:  This is a partial activity adapted from “My Book of the Flint Hills Grasses” lesson - see full lesson for full context & additional activities.  Focuses on 4 main grasses in Flint Hills Map Exhibit - Elem. Level

Tallgrass Prairie Grass Stamps

These four (4) wonderful rubber stamps feature line drawings of the four principal tallgrasses featured on the Flint Hills Map Exhibit - Elementary Side Panel.
They are available from the Symphony in the Flint Hills - $24.95 for a set of four - at
These are part of our lesson “My Book of Flint Hills Grasses” Lesson and related “Flint Hills Grasses - Station Activity” (not required, but make the activities more fun & educational!)
These grass stamps can also have other multiple uses in the classroom, i.e. can become classroom grouping names/symbols, reward stamps, related grass activities, etc.