My Book of the Flint Hills Grasses

Lesson extend concepts in the Elementary Map Exhibit Side Panel portraying the 4 tallgrasses and root systems. Students create books about the Flint Hills and Tallgrass Prairie.  

First, class completes background facts about location of Flint Hills, factors that make a prairie, and importance of roots. 

Next, in small groups rotating through special display stations, students complete field guide type pages showing basic characteristics of the four tallgrasses.  

Finally putting it all together into a back cover illustration, each student draws a small Flint Hills landscape containing main features of the tallgrass prairie.

This is a great activity to do prior to a field trip where kids can use books they have created in order to help them identify the four main grasses.

NOTE:  For abbreviated stations-only activity, see FLINT HILLS GRASSES - STATIONS ACTIVITY