Flint Hills Research Project

Fully integrated, sequenced unit - for Documented Essay containing Cause and Effect analysis on Flint Hills / place-based topics.  (Sixteen classes - each 85-minute blocks) 

Cross -curricular:  Language Arts + Social Studies, Science, etc. depending on topic.

Many helpful ready-made tools for teacher to help students succeed in self-management and independent learning: Calendar - breaks up into steps & sets mini-deadlines, Student Contract Slip, Tracking Student Progress - Chart, Topic Choice Report Forms, Interview Appointment Slip.

Includes use of Primary Sources - Learn interview skills, citing primary sources; also How to Write a Thank You Note!

Skills: steps in research, types of evidence, using keywords, citations and documentation, quoting, paraphrasing, avoiding plagiarism, outlining, introductions, conclusions, cause and effect topic sentences, revision.