Flint Hills Map Exhibit Unit

UNIT OVERVIEW: Four activities to guide and extend learning from the schools’ Flint Hills Map and educational Side Panels (use pdfs for classroom projection).  (Grades 3-12)

RECOMMENDED:  Teachers Guide to Flint Hills Map Exhibit Unit

  • Recommend FOLLOW Teacher's Guide which explains sequence, materials, management, assessment, etc. (contains Materials links, but are Read-Only)
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1. Guided Tour of Flint Hills Map

OVERVIEW: Students explore & interpret Flint Hills Map (on left side of exhibit) and lower right section of Side Panel through Guided Questions.  See Teacher’s Guide 

2. Guided Tour of Exhibit Side Panels

OVERVIEW: Students explore & interpret text and art on their-level-exhibit’s right-hand Side Panel and through Guided Questions.  See Teacher’s Guide 

 “Prairie Grasses” - ELEMENTARY Side Panel Tour

“The Four Earth Cycles” - MIDDLE school Side Panel Tour

“Humans in the Flint Hills” - HIGH school/College Side Panel Tour

3. Flint Hills Region Map Activity

To be completed after the Guided Tour of main exhibit Flint Hills Map.

OVERVIEW: Students extend and apply map skills through deeper exploration of region’s geographical features: labeling regional map with cities, counties, transportation, public lands, also special sections on Understanding Local Water Resources; Using Map Tools; Analyzing Dual Boundaries of Flint Hills.  See Teacher’s Guide 

For abbreviated activity adapted from above Flint Hills Region Map Activity (question No. 10), see: Using Map Coordinates to Create a Location Index - Student Handout and Teacher's KEY

See related geography activities in Social Studies Lesson Plan: Flint Hills Place Names.

4. Your County Map Activity 

Overview: Students extend and apply mapping skills by creating their own outline map of their owncounty - learning about local resources: tallgrass prairie, transportation, communities, landmarks, water resources. Also, students plot locations and calculate distances. This is a hands-on activity to explore local region and apply fundamental map skills.  See Teacher’s Guide