How to Purchase

The three whole Flint Hills Map Exhibits, and their four separate components (Map and three illustrated Side Panels), are available for purchase through Kansas Graphics - shipped directly to you.  All products are on archival paper. 


(Remember, PDFs of Map Exhibits are available on this website for classroom projection and use)

Whole Exhibits

Elementary Whole Exhibit - No. 1EW (shown below):
Identifies the four warm season Flint Hills tallgrasses, describing plant characteristics and root systems, all within scenic beauty of cattle and pastures.

Map + attached Side Panel (42 X 42)
Four native grasses & grazing cattle

Cost: $70.40

Elem Whole Exhibit

Middle School Whole Exhibit - No. 2MW (shown below):
Describes four earth cycles in the Flint Hills: Rock, Water, Carbon and Nitrogen, within a landscape vibrant with wildlife.

Map + attached Side Panel (42 X 42)
Wildlife & four earth cycles
Cost: $70.40

Middle School Whole Exhibit

High School/College Whole Exhibit - No. 3HW (shown below):
Explains human relationships to the Flint Hills landscape: Bison & Native Americans, Tallgrass Prairie & Fire, Cowboy & Cowgirl Culture, Cattle Ranching & Beef Production, Beauty-Art & Recreation, and Conservation, alongside iconic visual images leading the viewer through time.
Map + attached Side Panel (42 X 42)  
Illustrated timeline & cultural landscape   
Cost: $70.40

High School Whole Exhibit

Features that are the same on all three versions of Whole Map Exhibits:

On Left - Map: “Remaining Flint Hills Tallgrass Prairie”

  • Displays remaining tallgrass prairie areas (last 4% in America)
  • Flint Hills Region in bold color and identified with dual boundaries: physiological (underlying land forms) and ecological (natural communities). The non-Flint Hills background is faded in color.
  • Textured with hill-shading of elevations
  • Rivers & streams, towns, county lines, county seats, highways, Native American reservations
  • Areas of public access to tallgrass prairie
  • Map Legend explaining all symbols, features, scale, etc.  Directional Compass Rose.

On Lower Right - Lower Section of Side Panels:

Critical Facts: Flint Hills Are the Last Stand of the Tallgrass Prairie

  • Basic information about rarity of remaining tallgrass prairie
  • Website address - portal to dynamic learning program

Locator Map

  • Shows Flint Hills within context of the three historic prairies of North America: short, mixed, and tallgrass

Separate Components

Flint Hills Map - No. 4FM (shown below):

(42H X 23W)
Remaining Tallgrass Prairie

Cost: $42.98

Flint Hills Map

Elementary Side Panel - No. 5ESP (shown below):
(42H X 18.6W)
Four native grasses & grazing cattle
Cost: $36.88

Elem Side Panel

Middle School Side Panel - No. 6MSP (shown below):
(42H X 18.6W)
Wildlife scene & four earth cycles
Cost: $36.88

Middle School Side Panel

High School Side Panel - No. 7HSP (shown below):
(42H X 18.6W):
Illustrated timeline & cultural landscape
Cost: $36.88

High School Side Panel