How to Purchase

The three whole Flint Hills Map Exhibits, and their four separate components (Map and three illustrated Side Panels), are available for purchase through Kansas Graphics - shipped directly to you.  

All products are on archival paper. To place an order, click here to download an order form.

(Remember, PDFs of Map Exhibits are available on this website for classroom projection and use)

Whole Exhibits

Elementary Whole Exhibit - No. 1EW (shown below):
Identifies the four warm season Flint Hills tallgrasses, describing plant characteristics and root systems, all within scenic beauty of cattle and pastures.

Map + attached Side Panel (42 X 42)
Four native grasses & grazing cattle

Cost: $70.40

Elem Whole Exhibit

Middle School Whole Exhibit - No. 2MW (shown below):
Describes four earth cycles in the Flint Hills: Rock, Water, Carbon and Nitrogen, within a landscape vibrant with wildlife.

Map + attached Side Panel (42 X 42)
Wildlife & four earth cycles
Cost: $70.40

Middle School Whole Exhibit

High School/College Whole Exhibit - No. 3HW (shown below):
Explains human relationships to the Flint Hills landscape: Bison & Native Americans, Tallgrass Prairie & Fire, Cowboy & Cowgirl Culture, Cattle Ranching & Beef Production, Beauty-Art & Recreation, and Conservation, alongside iconic visual images leading the viewer through time.
Map + attached Side Panel (42 X 42)  
Illustrated timeline & cultural landscape   
Cost: $70.40

High School Whole Exhibit

Features that are the same on all three versions of Whole Map Exhibits:

On Left - Map: “Remaining Flint Hills Tallgrass Prairie”

  • Displays remaining tallgrass prairie areas (last 4% in America)
  • Flint Hills Region in bold color and identified with dual boundaries: physiological (underlying land forms) and ecological (natural communities). The non-Flint Hills background is faded in color.
  • Textured with hill-shading of elevations
  • Rivers & streams, towns, county lines, county seats, highways, Native American reservations
  • Areas of public access to tallgrass prairie
  • Map Legend explaining all symbols, features, scale, etc.  Directional Compass Rose.

On Lower Right - Lower Section of Side Panels:

Critical Facts: Flint Hills Are the Last Stand of the Tallgrass Prairie

  • Basic information about rarity of remaining tallgrass prairie
  • Website address - portal to dynamic learning program

Locator Map

  • Shows Flint Hills within context of the three historic prairies of North America: short, mixed, and tallgrass

Separate Components

Flint Hills Map - No. 4FM (shown below):

(42H X 23W)
Remaining Tallgrass Prairie

Cost: $42.98

Flint Hills Map

Elementary Side Panel - No. 5ESP (shown below):
(42H X 18.6W)
Four native grasses & grazing cattle
Cost: $36.88

Elem Side Panel

Middle School Side Panel - No. 6MSP (shown below):
(42H X 18.6W)
Wildlife scene & four earth cycles
Cost: $36.88

Middle School Side Panel

High School Side Panel - No. 7HSP (shown below):
(42H X 18.6W):
Illustrated timeline & cultural landscape
Cost: $36.88

High School Side Panel