Map Exhibit PDFs

*NOTE:  use of these copyrighted documents is for educational use in the classroom only.
For classroom activities related to the exhibits, see Flint Hills Map Exhibit Unit - Lesson Plan

*Exhibit PDFs for projection 

Flint Hills Map PDF:  Map-only (no Side Panel)

Elementary Map Exhibit PDF
:  Map + Side Panel of Four grasses and grazing cattle

Middle School Map Exhibit PDF:  Map + Side Panel of Four Earth cycles with wildlife scene

High School/College Map Exhibit PDF:  Map + Side Panel of Humans in Prairie with illustrated timeline

*Map Exhibit Text Documents

For instructional purposes, these documents contain all the text from the right-hand-side educational side panel sections of the 3 levels of exhibits. 

Elementary School Exhibit Text (doc):  Four Tallgrasses: Big Bluestem, Little Bluestem, Indiangrass, and Switchgrass, and their Root Systems

Middle School Exhibit Text (doc):  The Four Earth Cycles: Rock, Water, Nitrogen, Carbon

High School/College Exhibit Text (doc):  Humans in the Tallgrass Prairie: Bison and Native Americans, Tallgrass Prairie and Fire, Cowboy and Cowgirl Culture, Cattle Ranching and Beef Production, Beauty - Art and Recreation, Conservation

On all levels of Map Exhibits - Last Stand Facts “The Flint Hills are the Last Stand of the Tallgrass Prairie” and 5 critical facts