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Flint Hills – all topics

Symphony Journal Articles

One of the best collections of information about the Flint Hills available anywhere.  Symphony in the Flint Hills Field Journals celebrate the history, culture and ecology of the last stand of the Tallgrass Prairie through art, essays, and poetry.
Commissioned by Symphony in the Flint Hills each year as part of their educational mission.

Symphony in the Flint Hills

Grazing and rangeland conservation

Tallgrass Legacy Alliance

See “Document Center” for articles on grassland management. Click “LINKS” to government agencies, non-profits, and ag media sources. See more on this group below under “Agriculture”

Kansas Grazing Lands Coalition

Grazing and rangeland conservation

Kansas Prairie Primer

Scroll down long page - LINKS to info on grazing lands, ecological sites, grasses & wildflowers, grazing plants, endangered plants, invasive plants, woody plants, herbariums, arboretums, grazing systems, non-cattle grazers, burning, wildlife, habitat, water quality & quantity, climate change, urban sprawl, energy, ag economics, travel & tourism, conservation easements.

Kansas Grazing Lands Coalition

Nature - Kansas

Kansas School Naturalist

Terrific on-line Print Resources. Articles on everything natural - from pasture burning to spiders to snails to prairie chickens to meat processing to nature poetry. Great kid-friendly “I Didn’t Know That” series of fun facts.

Emporia State University Biology

Nature - Plant & Insect

Biodiversity Information System

Links to excellent on-line Print resources - Valuable Plant & Insect Field Guides ( NOTE:  Some pdf downloads are large) & References. 

Kansas State University

Nature, wildlife, science

Outdoor Kansas

Kid-friendly TRACKS magazine disseminates information and educational resources pertaining to the natural, historic, and cultural resources of the prairie, emphasizing Kansas ecology. Site includes Pdfs of TRACKS issues on wildlife, water, fish, math in nature, water, astronomy, evolution, climate change, deer, aquatic life, etc.

Kansas Dept. of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism

Outdoor activities for children

Last Child on the Prairie: a Directory for Parents & Teachers on Returning Children to the Outdoors

Huge list of LINKS to places, organizations, events, etc. to get kids outside in natural places. Wonderful quotes about the importance of kids experiencing nature. Strong evidence for teachers to explain why nature videos and in-class games are no substitute for getting students back into nature.

Kansas School Naturalist – Emporia State University

Outdoor places in Kansas

Natural Kansas: Links to Outdoor Kansas

Huge collection of LINKS to outdoor place websites:

  • Kansas Outdoor organizations
  • Traveling Kansas esp. for nature
  • Museums and Nature Centers
  • Zoos & Botanical Gardens
  • Nature-based businesses

KS Dept of Wildlife & Tourism

Prairie ecology

Konza Environmental Education Program

Extensive Index-type list of LINKS including Kansas Resources, Organizations, Teaching Resources.

Konza Prairie

Soil & Water conservation, wildlife

NRCS Distribution Center (for publications)

Search or browse over 150 publications (most available pdf): posters, booklets, fact sheets, etc. on soil features, water quality, wildlife, etc. for variety of audiences: farmers-ranchers, gardeners, teachers, scientists.

Natural Resource Conservation Service

Water, geology, energy production, climate - Kansas

Public Information Circulars

Free on-line pdf articles - usually with maps - for laypersons on rich array of topics: springs, groundwater, Kansas droughts & climate trends, earthquakes, fossils, glaciers, hydraulic fracturing, Ogalla aquifers, meteorites, sequester of CO2, etc.

Kansas Geological Survey