Cattle Ranching & Beef Production

“He makes grass grow for the cattle, and plants for man to cultivate - bringing forth food from the earth.”
-Psalms 104:14

“A successful Flint Hills rancher is one who manages grass rather than cattle. Take care of the grass, and the grass will take care of you.”
-Jim Hoy, Symphony in the Flint Hills Field Journal (2009) page 46

“I have found no grass, no fruit or vegetable that produces fat horses and cattle and contented people like our Blue Stem…The Blue Stem is the cattleman’s benediction. It often saves him when his banker has given him up. We have had men from other states ship their cattle to Kansas in the spring. The cattle were wobbly, physical skeletons, and their owner a sorrowful and wrecked relic of discredit. After a session on our Blue Stem, the cattle were shipped and gladdened the hearts of those who run the markets, and the man rode home in a Pullman and became president of the bank that he broke. That’s what the grass has done for hundreds of Lone Star and Sunflower men. And that’s the kind of grass it is.”
-John Edwards, 1920, In the Western Toungue

“No other area can add weight to stocker cattle faster or more economically than the Flint Hills.”
-Jim Hoy, Symphony in the Flint Hills 2008 Almanac