More Place-Based Lesson Sources

More sources for Place-Based Lesson Plans - Can Be Adapted to Flint Hills

Lesson Topic
Source & Page Title
Acclaimed site Includes many online lesson plans i.e. Water Cycle Game, Discover Water and other extensive teaching resources, Webinars. Goal is to advocate water education in solving world’s most pressing water issues.
Project Wet
Life Science, Earth and Space Science
Use this page to match core ideas, cross-cutting concepts and practices to locate specific lesson plans - access to many plans! The Concord Consortium provides free K-12 and above activities in biology, chemistry, earth and space science, engineering, math, and physics. Activities can be selected by subject or grade level
Concord Consortium
Diverse and multi-faceted map-making activities for students. Tutorials. National Geographic Education
Maps, Sedimentary Rocks
Schoolyard Geology: lessons on mapping your schoolyard, sedimentary rocks, and many others U.S. Geologic Survey
Nature’s cycles
Project for children to observe nature and record changes and cycles over time in Phenology Wheel Booklet (pdf) Partners in Place
Outdoor learning
Rich source of active, outdoor, nature-based lesson plans, resource materials for students, and ideas for activities to get kids outside in natural places and learning. Many are free to download. A few available only to attendees of workshops - see link to our Kansas coordinators. “Just for Educators” and “Additional Classroom Resources” has huge list of resources. Special Project Wild - Aquatic. Project Wild
5 lesson plans on precipitation -equipment and measuring, data entry, conservation, reading rain gauges, history of the sky-observing climate
Community Collaboration Rain, Hail & Snow Network
Rain, Nature’s Cycles
Thorough environmental lesson plans and sample activities from K-12 Curriculum Guide: 20 adaptable Rain Garden activities on water, rain, aquatic species; K-12 Phenology Wheel Curriculum: cycles; investigating, summarizing, and creating habitat; Birthday Phenology Getting to Know You Game, Enhancing Sense of Place with Phenology Wheels. Need to take the Earth Partnership workshop (offered at Bethel College’s Dyck Arboreturm) in order to access the entire K-12 Curriculum Guide. University of Wisconsin Earth Partnership Program