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 Archaeology Kansas Assn of Professional Archaeologists  Rich site of resources.  See esp. "Timeline of Kansas History" online brochure. Other Kansas Archaeology Month resources on trade, trails, rock art.  Virtual toolkits & resources.  Kansas Association of Professional Archaeologists
 Archaeology  Kansas Historical Society - Archaeology  Links to their Archaeology Collections (early artifacts, petroglyphs, forts, missions, farms & ranches.  How to Record an Archaeological Site tells how to property document your findings.  Includes Kansas' oldest fired clay artifact found near Council Grove.  Kansas Historical Society
Economic Development
Flint Hills Frontiers
Large project resulting in extensive planning document prepared by regional planners (Visit the Flint Hills Regional Council website) to promote economic development in the Flint Hills.  
Flint Hills Economic Development District
Economic Development - 7 systems
Flint Hills Frontiers Regional Plan 
See pgs 24-37 of Flint Hills Frontiers Regional Plan for detailed metrics measuring various aspects of Flint Hills. Approach divides Flint Hills into 7 Systems: Natural, Cultural, Social, Farming and Ranching, Opportunity and Economic Development, Mobility and Transportation, Built Environment.
Flint Hills Regional Council
Economic Development - counties
Your Future - Find Your Place in the Flint Hills (Flint Hills Frontiers)
Under "REGION" in top menu, Click on Flint Hills region, and 7 Flint Hills counties (+ statewide) and find metrics/graphs on business establishments, jobs, graduation rates, industry cluster forecast.   Region overview.
Flint Hills Economic Development District
Economic Development - region report
Flint Hills Frontiers
Inspiring comprehensive report with numerous insights into the region: “New Horizon: Education, Entrepreneurship, and Environment in the Flint Hills.” See esp. pp 22-37:  Recommendations for 7 main Issue Areas: Natural, Cultural, Social, Farming and Ranching, Opportunity and Economic Development, Mobility and Transportation, Built Environment.  Colorful infographic FACTSHEETS on each issue.
Flint Hills Economic Development District
Economic Development- infograph
Flint Hills Frontiers
Colorful Infographic Factsheets for 7 Flint Hills systems: Natural, Cultural, Social, Farming and Ranching, Opportunity and Economic Development, Mobility and Transportation, Built Environment.
Flint Hills Economic Development District
Economic Development - poverty, health, children
Kids Count Data Center
Fascinating, easy-to-use website shows demographic sociological-economic data for whole state or by county. For your county - check population, race and ethnicity, education levels, poverty, health, etc. Compare to neighboring counties, to state. View data in table, graph, or map format. Click on your own county for specific data. Good general demographic info also.
Kansas Action for Children - Annie E Casey Foundation
Geological MAP
Surficial Map of Kansas
Beautiful color map depicts distribution and characteristics of unconsolidated sediment overlying bedrock.
Kansas Geological Survey
Geology, physiographic regions, elevation MAPS
Maps and resources in rich KGS website:
  • maps of each county’s geology
  • physiographic map of Kansas (click for info on each region)
  • illustrated color chart of Geologic Time Scale of Kansas
  • DEM Digital Elevation Map - shaded color relief map shows elevations
Kansas Geological Survey
GIS Geographic Information Systems
Graphics and article explain GIS: a computer system for capturing, storing, checking, and displaying data related to positions on Earth’s surface. GIS can show many different kinds of data on one map. This enables people to more easily see, analyze, and understand patterns and relationships.
National Geographic
Historic Places - Kansas
Kansas Register of Historic Places Database
Click on your county in the Flint Hills to find out what places are registered as an official historic place. Click on the place to read its history in the Nomination.
Kansas State Historical Society
Historical events and sites - MAP
Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area - MAP
Mostly northern Flint Hills areas: Customizable map displays locations related to anti-slavery and civil war period, also Native Americans.
Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area
Historical MAPS
USGS Historic Topographic Map Explorer
Type in your community name, click on it, and find historical maps of the area. SeeHistorical Topographic Maps and The National Map Collection for more background information.
U.S. Geological Survey
History - Conservation, Geology
Mount Mitchell Heritage Prairie
Website rich in background about this historic park in Wabaunsee commemorating free-state immigrant Capt. Wm Mitchell and the Beecher Bible and Rifle Colony. Park is supported by a private group “Prairie Guards,” and is also a prairie preserve open to public. Geology guides available.
Mount Mitchell Heritage Prairie
History - oil production
Kansas Oil Museum
From their classrooms, students can “tour” Butler County’s Kansas Oil Museum with “Albert,” a robot tour guide. Explore the impact of the discovery of the El Dorado oil field in 1915 ,the effect on war efforts in World War I, and development of many “boom towns.”
Kansas Oil Museum
History - early newspapers
Kansas Memory
Digitized early Kansas newspapers - read online. Flint Hills area: Abilene Daily Reflector, Liberal Democrat Enterprise, Alma, Eureka), Emporia - Kanzas News, Emporia News, Smoky Hill and Republican Union (Junction City), Saline County Journal, Wamego Reporter, Winfield Daily Courier
Kansas State Historical Society
History - Freestaters, KSU
Goodnow House
Stone farm house and rolling grounds preserved inside city of Manhattan. Tells story of freestaters who founded Manhattan. Isaac Goodnow helped found Kansas State University.
Kansas History
History - Journalism, politics
Red Rocks Historic Site - William Allen White Home
Home of the famous Emporia Gazette journalist and publisher William Allen White. Numerous links to history and brochures.
Kansas State Historical Society
History - primary sources
Kansas Memory-Flint Hills
Search/filter Kansas Memory - Flint Hills: numerous historic photographs (esp. Rogler Ranch - see “Pioneer Bluffs Foundation”), early booklets, letters.
Kansas State Historical Society
History - Research
Kansas History
Type topic in Search box and related past articles from Kansas History and other journals will appear.
Kansas State Historical Society
History - Research
Kansas History
General index page to all the historical resources: online collections, genealogy, Kansapedia, etc.
Kansas State Historical Society
History - Research
Browse this encyclopedia of Kansas History, or find your topic through A to Z, People, Place, Race and Ethnicity, Theme, or type topic in Search Box.
Kansas State Historical Society
History and Heritage, Museums, etc.
List of Kansas Museums
Under History and Heritage, Click on Ethnic/Cultural, Famous Kansans, Forts and Trails, Landmarks, Museums, Old West. Then below under Region - enter Flint Hills to filter, then Search.
Kansas State Historical Society
History, Folklore, Primary sources, Literature and photography
Center for Great Plains Studies
Archived historical journal, newsletters for history teachers, collections of primary source / historical writings and photographs for interpretation, special focus on Flint Hills.
Emporia State University
Humanities in Great Plains
Encyclopedia of the Great Plains
online articles on regional literature, sociology, history, Native Americans, economics, politics, music, art, water, and many more topics
University of Nebraska
Literature, Social and Natural Science
Center for Great Plains Studies
Regional Authors (5 Voices), Regional Archives of several journals of regional history, culture, literature; many sub-sections, extensive website.
University of Nebraska
Living History
Ride Into History
Historical Chautauqua-style touring troupe of historian-scholar-performers. Also lead youth and adult workshops on creating first-person narratives, storytelling, and doing local history and oral histories.
Ride into History
Education - Mapping
Colorful and fun map-making programs for all ages - all free. Helpful tutorials.
National Geographic
How to Create a My Map in Google
Tutorial on How to Create a My Map in Google Maps.
You Tube - Google Maps
Mapmaking - Aerial
Downloading Aerial and Ortho-imagery
Instructions on how to download and create photographic-type maps of your own place.
U.S. Geological Survey
Mapmaking activity - National Parks
Ken Burns “National Parks” series
Ken Burns National Parks PBS series - activity on mapping National Parks: Students use online tools - such as the National Park Service website and Google Earth 5.0 - to locate, "tour," and share information about America's national parks. (grades 3-8)
PBS - Public Broadcasting System
Mapmaking and geographic program
Google Earth
Powerful program to explore geographic content: satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, outer space - free download. [Google Earth is a virtual globe, map and geographical information program originally called EarthViewer 3D created by Keyhole, Inc, a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) funded company acquired by Google in 2004 (see In-Q-Tel).]
Numerous tutorials for use at: Website
Google Earth
MAPS - Kansas
Maps of World - Kansas
Various maps of Kansas: counties, cities, rivers, roads, railways, latitude-longitude, museums, national parks.
Maps of World
Maps-Index to Kansas
Kansas Department of Transportation Maps
Wonderful links to Kansas Official State Maps: Traveler Info, Highway, Traffic Count, Historic, Model, Special Interest
Kansas Department of Transportation
Maps - County Maps
Kansas County General Highway Maps
Extremely useful online local maps for each county (half-inch scale). Shows all cities and towns, roads and system designation, railroads, airways, bridges, conservation and recreation resources, farm units/dwelling, industrial site, schools, prison, public service facilities, and some natural features including rivers and smaller local creeks and drainages. Includes county grid for legal descriptions of Ranges, Townships, and Section Numbers also included. Latitude/longitude.
Kansas Department of Transportation
MAPS - Special Use from remote sensing technology
Kansas Applied Remote Sensing KARS– of KS Biological Survey
Group creates fascinating specialized maps by satellite and air-borne remote sensing. Maps of water and wildlife resources, infrastructure, etc. for commercial, governmental and other end users.
Kansas Applied Remote Sensing KARS- of KS Biological Survey
Museums and websites
List of Kansas Museums
This may be the most up-to-date, comprehensive list including small, local museums. Provides link to websites.

Native American History - Kaw Mission
Kaw Mission State Historical Site

Historical and cultural center for Kaw (Kansa) Indians. Click on History of Kaw Mission below and also Related Topics at left.  
Kansas State Historical Society
Native American Tribes - Kansas
Historic Indians and Emigrant Indians
Two articles list and describe (1) “Historic” tribes who lived and traveled in Kansas of own will, and (2) “Emigrant” tribes forcibly removed from other areas by Euro-settlers - includes map of various reservations. Due to nomadic movement, boundaries are difficult to determine, but many of these people ranged through the Flint Hills Region.
Center for Great Plains Studies
Native American history & culture - Kaw Allegawaho Park

Allegawaho Memorial Heritage Park
Beautiful native prairie park with public access for hiking. Kaw Nation holds annual pow-wow near here in June at Allegawaho Memorial Heritage Park - beautiful park and pavilion, with model Kaw home.  

 Kaw Nation and Travel Kansas
Native Americans - Kaw Nation past and present
Kaw Nation
Official website of tribe that once lived in the Flint Hills, now in Oklahoma. Click on Culture for rich historical story. Also Government tabs explains political structure of the Nation today.  
Kaw Nation
Native Americans - Osage Nation
Osage Nation
Official site of tribe that lived in eastern area of Flint Hills, now in Oklahoma. Esp. Historic Preservation section with Ancestral Map and article on Osage Cultural History at: and Language Dept.

Osage Nation
Native Americans - Pawnee Rock Historic Site and Pawnee Nation
Pawnee Rock State Historical Site
Though this site is not in the Flint Hills, the Pawnee Indians came through the Flint Hills on occasion. Read about thehistory of Pawnee Rock.
Kansas State Historical Society
Native Americans - Potawatomi
Culture - Citizen Potawatomi
Tells of history of this Potawatomi group who were forced to move from Great Lakes region and Indiana area to Kansas in 1840’s, later to Oklahoma. Now is federally-recognized nation in Cleveland and Pottawatomie Counties, Oklahoma.
Citizen Potawatomi
Native Americans - Potawatomi
Our History and Culture - Prairie Band Potawatomi
Describes history of Potawatomi group forcibly removed from Great Lakes and Indian region to Kansas in 1840’s. Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation is located in Jackson County partially in Flint Hills region.
Prairie Band Potawotomi Nation
Population - Kansas Cities
List of Kansas Cities
Gives population information for all cities and towns in Kansas; explains classes of cities.
History - ranch
Ranchland Trust of Kansas
“Brand Legacy” section has examples of ranch histories (see this website also in “Conservation” program)
Affiliate of Kansas Livestock Association
History - ranch
Pioneer Bluffs
Non-profit historic farm near Matfield Green conducts Ranching Heritage Prairie Talks. On website, under History section, see Rogler Ranch history. Also Youth Youth Living History programs.
Pioneer Bluffs Foundation
Rural Culture
Rural Culture Elements
Guide in how to assess your town using the eight rural culture elements, and then take action to educate local citizens, spur economic development, draw visitors. Ideas for how to tell your community’s story.
Kansas Sampler Foundation
Rural Culture
Kansas Profiles
Ron Wilson writes and shares a weekly personal profile of an inspiring rural Kansan who has “made a difference”- skim the list-many are from the Flint Hills. These are sponsored by the Huck Boyd Institute and syndicated in newspaper and on radio.
Huck Boyd Institute and K-State Research and Extension
MAP - Travel Planning
Travel Kansas
Travel Kansas Map Explorer - travel planning interactive map - shows attractions, services, etc.
Kansas Dept of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism