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Main Topic
Citizen action groups
Westar Green Team

Employee and retiree volunteers set example of voluntary citizen action to enhance and foster understanding of Kansas environment: tree planting and prairie restoration, trail-building, wetlands, look-outs to enhance access and educational opportunities.
Westar Energy
Conservation Easements
Ranchland Trust of Kansas
Description of conservation easements - voluntary initiatives. Group dedicated to preserving the openness and environmental health of the state’s working agricultural landscapes for perpetuity.
Affiliate of Kansas Livestock Association
Conservation Easements
Kansas Land Trust
FAQ on conservation easements. Group preserves natural and agricultural lands of ecological, agricultural, scenic, historical and cultural significance in Kansas.
Kansas Land Trust
Conservation Easements
The Nature Conservancy and Private Land Conservation 
Defines conservation easements, tells how widespread they are, their importance in large landscapes, FAQ, different kinds of programs. See The Nature Conservancy in Kansas which partners to protect 11,000 acres in the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, and other sites.
The Nature Conservancy
Conservation Easements
Agriculture Conservation Easement Program
Describes Agriculture Conservation Easement Program, esp. Wetland Reserve Easements - different levels and types of easements.
Natural Resource Conservation Service
Conservation Easements
Flint Hills Legacy Conservation Area
Goal of program is to keep working ranches on the landscape while conserving habitat for wildlife and providing unique tallgrass vistas for future generations of Americans to enjoy.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Conservation Easements
Conservation Easements in the United States
Map shows dots where all the easements are held - can zoom in on the Flint Hills and see many locations. Can also search by state and by holder (legal entity to whom easement is granted - holder protects against violation of the easement).
National Conservation Easement Database
Conservation of wildlife, water, hunting
Fort Riley - Environmental Division
Site contains news and programs about conserving environment of Fort Riley - the largest federal land parcel in Flint Hills; issues include hunting, wildlife, recycling, water quality.
Fort Riley, U.S. Army
Education & Volunteering Flint Hills Discovery Center
Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve
Symphony in the Flint Hills
Many organizations are raising public awareness of the value of the remaining tallgrass prairie, how it is threatened, and ways to preserve it.  These groups depend on volunteers to support their efforts, and are a great way for young people to get involved.  Also seek opportunities in local parks and preserves. Volunteer programs
Grazing and rangeland conservation
Tallgrass Legacy Alliance
Flint Hills-area Regional Grazing Group of Kansas Grazing Lands Coalition dedicated to improving grazing land through education such as ranch tours and seminars. Programs on burning practices, control of invasive species. See Our Documents for articles on grassland management. See LINKS to govt agencies, non-profits, and ag media sources.
Kansas Grazing Lands Coalition
Wind - Anti-Wind
Developments In Flint Hills
Protect the Flint Hills
Group opposing industrial wind developments in the Flint Hills cites concerns about impact on last 4% of fragile ecosystem, wildlife habitat, and scenic value of surrounding land. Suggests placement of industrial developments in already-fragmented land.
Protect the Flint Hills
 Wind - Appropriate Siting of Industrial Wind Wind Energy & Wildlife:  Site It Right  Group offers utilities and wind developers mapping tool to site industrial wind developments in areas of low risk to wildlife and ecosystem.  Flint Hills are high risk area.  The Nature Conservancy