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Main Topic
Ag Media
Farm and Ranch Media
Links to five farm and ranch periodicals that include Flint Hills area and issues
Kansas Grazing Lands Coalition
Cattle and Beef production
Kansas Beef Council
Organization formed by beef producers to promote consumption of beef. Information sections on raising cattle and rich array of resources on nutritional aspects of beef including recipes. Grain-finishing model.
Kansas Beef Council
Cattle and Beef Production
Advocate Resource Center - Kansas Livestock Association
Website for ranchers and feedlot owners to advocate interests of beef producers and educate public on production methods. This Advocate section has Q and A on common questions regarding beef and cattle. Grain-finishing model.
Kansas Livestock Association
Farm, home, lawn and garden, family, safety
Natural resources esp. water
K-State Research and Extension “Bookstore”
Huge array of free pdf booklets on crops, livestock, economics, food, forestry, health and safety, home and family, insects, lawn and garden. Esp. click 4-H - publications for youth. Plus, excellent practical and scientific information on drinking water resources, other environmental issues.
K-State Research and Extension
Grassfed Beef - niche products
American Grassfed Association
Grassfed beef producers promote beef from cattle fed only grass (as was historically done in the Flint Hills). Defines “grassfed” and gives nutritional info. (Though not listed as members of this group, some Flint Hills ranchers are marketing this niche product.)
American Grassfed Association
Grazing and rangeland conservation
Tallgrass Legacy Alliance
Rancher-member Flint Hills-area chapter of large coalition dedicated to improving grazing land through education such as ranch tours and seminars. Special Flint Hills programs on burning practices, control of invasive species. See “Document Center” for articles on grassland management. Click “LINKS” to government agencies, non-profits, and ag media sources.
Kansas Grazing Lands Coalition
Perennial Polyculture, Natural Systems agriculture
The Land Institute
Unique plant breeding research and education organization promoting entirely different paradigm of agriculture: “natural systems” of perennial polyculture (based on diverse native prairie perennials) instead of annual monoculture, in order to save soil, water, and energy. See “Our Work” section. Past Land Reports available in pdfs. Located on west edge of Flint Hills.
The Land Institute
Soil and water conservation, range management
Publications and Fact Sheets
Top-notch state and national-level publications - articles, booklets, posters. For Flint Hills ranchers - best management practices to conserve prairie grasses, soil, and water. Also general info for all citizens; some for children. Visit the NRCS Distribution Center website.
Kansas - Natural Resource Conservation Service
Sustainable farming, small family farming options
Kansas Rural Center
Group promotes alternatives to conventional agriculture, such as rotational grazing, high tunnel horticulture, organic farming, and small specialty crops. Ideas for small, beginning farmers. See Our Publications Section and Our Programs for descriptions of research and education programs.
Kansas Rural Center

Sustainable farming & ranching Noble Research Institute

Innovative research & educational institute in Oklahoma with mission to advance agriculture and land stewardship.  Programs and publications with practical advice for farmers, ranchers, and market gardeners. Noble Research Institute
Weather and Climate
Climate Change and Agriculture in the U.S.
See “Full Report” esp. pp 88-97 on impact of changing climate livestock and grasslands. See also the Global Agricultural Planning Report on Resilience and Adaptation and Creative solutions (PDF) .
U.S. Department of Agriculture