All About Flint Hills: Information Resources

Welcome to our center of information and learning about the Flint Hills!  Our goal is to save you time and searching by suggesting these valuable, recommended resources - in the following FIVE SECTIONS (see links at left): 

Recommended Web Resources

Each website is listed by Main Topic, Website title (with link), Description of contents, and Sponsoring Organization - and grouped into these broad subject areas:

  • “Web Libraries” - websites with large collections of resources within them
  • Agriculture – Ranching & Farming
  • Art, Photography, Music, Writing
  • Conservation
  • Geography, Maps, History, Culture, & Economy
  • Nature & Science
  • Travel, Tourism, & Outdoor Recreation

Print Resources

Valuable bibliographies to print resources

Elementary – Bibliography

Prairie Books – Bibliography

North American Prairie Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography of the Flint Hills - by Jim Hoy - Vol, 1,2,3,4

Symphony in the Flint Hills – Journal Articles – 10 volumes

On-line List of print Field Guides & References -


Inspiring, insightful quotes on following topics:

Flint Hills & Tallgrass Prairie; Grass; Soil & Water Conservation; Bison & Native Americans; Tallgrass Prairie & Fire; Cattle Ranching & Beef Production; Cowboy Culture; Beauty, Art & Recreation; Children in Nature, Outdoor Education

Map References

Provides background explanation on the map of "Remaining Flint Hills Tallgrass Prairie" features and references. 

Tells how to cite the map as an academic reference.

Map Exhibit Text

These documents contain the actual text from the three versions of Flint Hills Map Exhibits in the schools