Preschoolers in the Flint Hills

Preschool-age children begin discovering the wonder of the Flint Hills where they live, but look beyond the city limits in their exploration. Every session includes a story time, snack and themed craft or activity!

Times, Cost & Registration

Class runs 10:30-11:30 a.m. on the dates listed below.

Pre-registration is required. 
  • Registration for Summer 2018 is open 
  • Registration for Fall 2018 begins August 6  
Pre-register online, by phone at 785-587-2726 or in person at the Flint Hills Discovery Center.
FHDC members: $7 | Non-members: $9 

Summer 2018 - Registration Open

Date Theme Description
May 1 The Legend of Johnny Kaw Hear a tall tale, make a prairie doll, and come find out what skills the pioneers needed to make Kansas their home!
May 15 Dinosaur Friends Create your own dinosaur, and dress up with your friends. We'll learn about dinosaurs all the way!
June 19 Dino Tracks Dinosaur feet helped them run, jump and hunt. Come make tracks with us in your very own dinosaur feet!
July 17 Be a Dinosaur Dinosaurs had a lot of work to do. They had to find food, make nests, and protect themselves. Come live the life of a dinosaur in an adventure we create together.
August 21 Fossil Fun Touch fossils found right here in Kansas! Make a fossil, find a fossil, and look up close at real fossils to discover what creatures lived long ago!

Fall 2018 - Registration Opens Monday, August 6

Date Theme Description
September 4 Buffalo Buddies Dress up like a bison, and walk and wallow just like they do.
September 18 Wild Wolves Create your own wolf ears and join us in a howling contest!
October 2 Fun with Folktales Enjoy a Native American folktale and game with us.
October 16 Fish Fun Let's go fishing! We will have a fun fishing game, story and craft all about Kansas fish.
November 6 Best Birdies
What do you feed the birds? Make a bird feeder to help our feathery friends this winter.
December 4 Prairie Playdate Prairie pioneers played lots of fun games. Try out a few that could have fit in the covered wagon!
December 18 Crayon Adventure What happens when crayons quit? Pick out your favorite color and let's see what we can create with or without our crayons.
January 15 Messy Scientists Sometimes you have to make a mess to try science! Let's grab our lab coats and goggles, and try some new experiments.