One-Hour Outreach Programs

Let us bring the joy and excitement of learning about the Flint Hills to you! To book a program, complete the outreach program form or call 785-587-2726.

On-Site Experiences

These programs bring our most exciting and educational on-site experiences into your classroom, library or boardroom.

Outreach opportunities are available to all interested parties including: public schools, private schools, tribal schools, homeschool groups, scouting groups, faith-based organizations, senior centers, libraries, business groups & civic organizations.


Programs Max # of Participants Price
Half-Hour Outreach Program 30 Participants $65
Half-Hour Outreach (Pick Two Programs) 30 Participants $100
One-Hour Outreach Program 30 Participants $100
Outreach Assembly Program Unlimited Participants $200

Mileage Fee

There is no mileage fee for program locations within a 30-mile driving distance from the Flint Hills Discovery Center. Program locations beyond a 30-mile driving distance will be charged $1 for every additional mile.

For example, a location 50 miles away (one-way) will be charged a $20 mileage fee. A location 75 miles away (one-way) will be charged a $45 mileage fee.


We require a two-week advance notice to schedule an education program. All programs are offered by reservation only. To make a reservation, complete the outreach program form or call 785-587-2726.

  1. PreK - 2nd Grade
  2. 3rd - 5th Grade
  3. 6th - 8th Grade

Flint Hills Exploration

Choose the areas of the Flint Hills that you want to explore. Combine three hands-on activities below, each one designed for young minds. Students move through the activities, keeping it fresh and fun!

  • Learning Centers
  • Time: 45-60 minutes
  • Students per session: minimum: 12 | maximum: 30 
  • No technology required
  • Education standards vary depending on activities chosen

Select three activities below and one alternative:

Painting with Plants Use the different parts of plants to paint to create masterpieces grounded in the Flint Hills to take home.
Furry FriendsWith the help of pelts, and skulls, discover mammals found throughout the Flint Hills and experience them through touch.
Animal TracksLearn what a raccoon, bobcat, and red fox’s footprint looks like and create a rubbing to take home.
Pottery SnakePractice a technique used ages ago by Native Americans to create clay jars.
Fields to FoodFind out what happens to wheat and corn between the field and your plate! Grind wheat into flour and churn cream into butter.
Reptile ExperienceGet hands-on with our reptilian neighbors with a visit from a Flint Hills snake and box turtle.

Engineer It! Assembly Line

Learn about assembly lines, participate in a human assembly line model and redesign an assembly line to improve speed and efficiency.

  • For students in Kindergarten through 2nd grade
  • Time: 60 minutes
  • Students per session: minimum: 12 | maximum: 30 
  • No technology required
  • Standards: K-2-ETSJ-1

Combine Two Half-Hour Outreach Programs

Combine two of our popular half-hour outreach programs and pay the one-hour price. That's a $15 savings! Perfect for all ages. Choose from the following:

  • The Bison Box
  • The Mammal Box
  • The Cowboy Box
  • The Reptile Experience