Children's Programs

The Flint Hills Discovery Center offers a number of fun, educational opportunities for the youth in our community.

Adventure Camp Programs are offered for grades K-6. Full-Day and Half-Day sessions available. Prices range from $13-$25 per session. 

Preschoolers in the Flint Hills Programs are offered for ages 3-5. One hour sessions available. Fees range from $7-$9 per session. 

Refund policy for activities requiring registration:
Registrants will receive a full refund if we cancel the program or we may be able to transfer you to another class. A full refund is granted if request to withdraw is receive one week (seven days) prior to start date; partial refund when requested between one week and at least 48 hours prior to start date and no refund if request is less than 48 hours in advance or failing to show. Participant withdrawals must be received during business hours. 


 Adventure Camp

Adventure Camp (grades K-6) is a unique program offered at both the Flint Hills Discovery Center and Sunset Zoo throughout the school year. The age of the child attending determines the camp location when offered at both sites. Children may be dropped off as early as 7:30 a.m. each session in which they are enrolled. Pick up for half-day registration is between 12:00 p.m. and 12:15 p.m., and pick up for full-day registration is between 5:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Day registrants must bring their own sack lunch.


All participants will need to complete emergency release and permission forms here and return them to the Flint Hills Discovery Center Education Department on or before the date of your first program of the season






All Day (7:30am - 5:30pm)

$22 per session $25 per session

Half Day (7:30am - 12:15pm)

$13 per session $15 per session

*Members of the Flint Hills Discovery Center receive discounted rates, and applicable discounts will be applied at checkout.

Adventure Camp Activity Schedule, Grades K-2

Friday, September 25

Native American Art

Students will make parfleche, bead work and pottery to take home as well as investigate the art behind Native dwellings and the American Bison! 

Monday, October 12

Art from the Landscape

Students will paint with plants, create a solar print of their favorite flower and decorate a driftwood masterpiece found in the Flint Hills. They'll also have the opportunity to take home an acorn necklace and collage of seeds.

Friday, October 16

Floating Fun!

Students will learn about buoyancy by testing different materials in water, compete in miniature boat races to explore how boats move in water, how humans use boats and create a duct tape boat to take home!

Thursday, October 22

Recycled Art

Students will create several art project utilizing recycled materials, including collages out of magazines, 3D art and insects made from egg cartons. 

Friday, October 23

Animated Art

Students will learn how dance can tell an artistic story. Students will experience different types of dances, paint a masterpiece with their feet and use their imagination to create a dance to share!

Friday, November 20 

Explore Art in Science

Students will have the opportunity to paint with ice and plants! They'll discover how colors are made through experimentation with mixing colors and different ingredients. 

Wednesday, November 25

Animal Art

Students will help transform regular everyday items with animal patterns and make foxes from sycamore leaves. They'll explore expressing themselves with their own animal masks and puppets. 

Monday, December 21

Musical Experiments 

Students will experiment with music and sounds as well as play an interactive instrument trivia game, create maracas and participate in an air guitar contest!

Tuesday, December 22

Frozen Art

Students will make edible ice cream art and sculptures from shaved ice. They will create pictures with frozen paint and make a glowing ice lantern to take home! 

Wednesday, December 23

Slick Experiments 

Students will use everyday objects to see which works best for sledding, create a miniature popsicle sled to take home and test their friction knowledge on the iPad. 

 To register, please click HERE.

Adventure Camp Activity Schedule, Grades 3-6

Monday, December 28

Artistic STEM

Students will use gravity to create a masterpiece, make a pendulum to use for painting and build a robot that draws artwork!

Tuesday, December 29

Food as Art

Students will explore art using food. They'll make butterflies out of apples, crustaceans out of carrots and use ketchup and mustard to create an appetizing masterpiece. They'll test their skills to create the perfect plate presentation for food. 

Wednesday, December 30

Slippery Science

Students will learn all about Newton's First Law and dive into the science of sledding and curling. They'll test different materials for sledding and build a mini sled to take home.  

Thursday, December 31

Just Map It

Students will learn about a variety of maps and how they work. They'll create a topography map of their hand, practice locating the states and create a 3D map!

Monday, January 18

Celebrate MLK

Students will retrace Kings' steps during his visit to Manhattan and K-State. They'll also take a field trip to the Brown v. Board National Historic Site in Topeka. 

To register, please click HERE!


Preschoolers in the Flint Hills

Preschoolers in the Flint Hills (ages 3-5). Preschool-age children begin discovering the wonder of the Flint Hills where they live, but look beyond the city limits in their exploration. Children further their sense of place and belonging to this region through interactions with the ecology and the history of the area. All sessions will run from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. There is a maximum of 10 children, minimum of 5. 


Fees: $7.00 for members; $9.00 for non-members

Preschoolers in the Flint Hills Activity Schedule 

Tuesday, September 22

Art Without Pictures

Preschoolers will explore how to make pictures out of different letters and play a game using race cars!

Tuesday, October 6

Beautiful Insects

Preschoolers will creating amazing works of art inspired by Roberto The Insect Architect. They'll practice their motor skills in making colorful fireflies and butterflies to take home. 

Tuesday, October 20

Spooky Art

Preschoolers will celebrate Halloween by making an explorer costume out of paper bags and bat slime to take home. 

Tuesday, November 3

Childlike Art

Preschoolers will create life size drawings of them and have the opportunity to paint themselves on paper similar to the child in the story read. 

Tuesday, November 17

Thanksgiving Art

Preschoolers will prepare for family celebrations by making a tissue paper turkey from paper stained glass window leaf to take home and decorate the dinner table. 

Tuesday, December 1

Artistic Winter

Preschoolers will listen to a story to generate artistic inspiration, make play snow and create a wintery scene with ice, paint and salt!

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