Youth Education

The Flint Hills Discovery Center offers a number of fun, educational opportunities for the youth in our community.

  • NEW! Adventure Camp: Experience Manhattan, the Flint Hills, and the world like never before. The Flint Hills Discovery Center is continuing this program into the summer to provide a unique experience for kids year-round. Together, adventurers will learn about plants and animals from their own backyard, and have the chance to travel back in time to explore the history, geology and fossils that make their home a special place.

    There is a maximum of 24 participants per session. Enrollment is taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Students who are enrolled will receive confirmation by mail. Parents can choose either half day or full day sessions, with drop off as early as 7:30 a.m. and pick up as late as 5:30 p.m. Registration includes morning and afternoon snacks, as well as supplies for activities and access to exhibits. Lunch is NOT provided. Full-day registrants must bring their own sack lunch. Please click here to access permission/release form required for participation in summer camps. PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. To register for this class, click here.



All Day (8 a.m. - 5 p.m.)  $22.00/session for members and $25.00/session for non-members
Half Day (8 a.m. - noon)  $13.00/session for members and $15.00/session for non-members



Kindergarten - 6th Grade Adventure Camps

Monday, July 28 K-2nd Half or Full

Cowboys & Cowgirls

Discover what cowboys and cowgirls face while working out in the pastures and prairie. Learn a few chores ranchers have to complete like washing clothes and experience how to round up animals. Make sure children come dressed as a cowboy or cowgirl.

Tuesday, July 29 K-2nd Half or Full

Here Fishy Fishy

Join us as we explore the waterways of the Flint Hills and the fish that reside in them.  We will try our hand at casting a fishing line, and engage in a friendly competition to see who can pull in the biggest catch as we go on our mock fishing trip without leaving downtown Manhattan.

Wednesday, July 30 K-2nd Half or Full

Sunshine Gardens

Join the Flint Hills Discovery Center as we observe how plants use water and examine the impacts of insects on the plants we grow.  With the sun leading the way, this camp will chart a course for us to learn about the gardens and plants around us.

Thursday, July 31 K-2nd Half or Full

Hungry, Hungry Insects

Join the Flint Hills Discovery Center team to explore this diverse group of animals. We will go about a journey to collect the things they eat. Beyond their food, we will explore insect characteristics like symmetry and homes.

Friday, August 1 K-2nd Half or Full

Life on the Ice

Join us as we spend the day talking about slow moving glaciers and the people that lived on them during the Ice Age. To explore this past, we will take a walk around the Flint Hills Discovery Center to see what the glaciers may have left behind in Kansas and conduct experiments to learn more about glaciers.

Monday, August 4 3rd-6th Half or Full

4-Legged Work

Step into the hooves of farm animals like horses, cows, dog or a bison. Children will have the opportunity to learn how animals have been used for farm work and even get to make their very own crafty horse to take home to continue the fun. 

Tuesday, August 5 3rd-6th Half or Full

Fishing Fun

Experience a day of fishing and enjoy an afternoon out by the water. Join us for a fun filled day of learning how to fish. We will take some time to practice casting and learn about the waters in the region. 

Wednesday, August 6 3rd-6th Half or Full

Grow What You Sow

Spend the day exploring the gardens and discover the possibilities of gardens around the city. Learn about the three sisters of the Flint Hills; corn, beans and squash and even get to decorate a pot to take home. 

Thursday, August 7 3rd-6th Half or Full


Spend the day with the Flint Hills Discovery Center and learn all about glaciers. In conjunction with the Ice Age Imperials temporary Exhibition, explore the fascination of the Ice Age through exciting games and activities like making Glacier Gak to take home!

Friday, August 8 3rd-6th Half or Full

Humans of the Ice Age

Spend the day as a Paleo-Indian, the people who first moved into the Flint Hills over 13,000 years. Children will get to make your own shelter. Learn about what materials they had available to them and what they ate. Discover what the diets of an early inhabitant of the Flint Hills was and go outside to “hunt and gather” like the Paleo-Indians did. 


  • Preschoolers in the Flint Hills (ages 4-5):

Preschool-age children begin discovering the wonder of the Flint Hills where they live, but look beyond the city limits in their exploration. Children further their sense of place and belonging to this region through interactions with the ecology and the history of the area. All sessions will run from 1 - 2 pm. There is a maximum of 10 children, minimum of 5. Pre-registration required. To register for this classclick here.

Fees: $7.00 for members; $8.00 for non-members

     Tuesday, June 3 - Herbs of the World
     Tuesday, June 10 - All Aboard

     Tuesday, June 17 - Round Them Up
     Tuesday, June 24 - Ice Age Fossils
     Tuesday, July 15 - Ice Age Mega Fauna
     Tuesday, July 22 - Animals Dances

  • Footsteps in the Flint Hills (ages 6-8): Explore the Flint Hills through a collection of guided experiences that examine wildlife and culture through time. Examine the unique adaptations that make the Flint Hills a perfect place for many animals, and engage in activities related to the tools, weapons and customs prevalent throughout the region, from 16,000 years ago through present day. Each week kids will explore a different aspect important to the Flint Hills, so enroll in one, two or all! All sessions will run from 10 a.m. to noon. There is a maximum of 12 children; minimum of 5.
    Pre-registration required. To register for this class, click here.

    $9.00 for members; $10.00 for non-members
         Saturday, June 21 - Mammoths and More
         Saturday, July 19 - Flying Around the Ice Age
         Saturday, August 23 - People of the Frozen Past

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