Flint Hills Discovery Center Offers Membership Your Way!

The Flint Hills Discovery Center offers an affordable membership program, renewable annually, which grants members unlimited access to both permanent and temporary exhibits, as well as the multimedia Immersive Experience, without paying daily admission.

We recognize that members are the financial lifeblood of our facility and support the essential and educational programs offered by the Flint Hills Discovery Center. However, we also recognize that all of our members are unique, with varying means to support our institution and vastly different expectations for their membership relationship. For this reason we are proud to offer Membership Your Way, a program which distinguishes itself from other cultural institutions by being simultaneously inclusive and exclusive.

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How Is Our Inclusive Approach Different?

Membership Your Way is a "customized" offering for adults ages 18 and up and youth ages 2-17 (Children under the age of two always get in free).

While cultural institutions similar to ours typically offer categories of membership such as individual, family and senior — inevitably — this leads to members feeling left out or “second class” because their circumstances don't fit the rigid requirements of limited categories. We aim to change this by allowing you to base your membership on the number of adults and the number of youth desired to be covered by the membership, thereby providing each of our members with maximum flexibility.

Why Should I Act Now?

Supporting the Flint Hills Discovery Center, aside from preserving an essential and educational cultural institution, demonstrates that your community, your history and the land you live in are important and deserve to be celebrated. Indeed, a deeper understanding of the Flint Hills region is priceless.


Adult (18-64):
Youth (2-17):
Military (with ID), College Students (with ID), Educators (with ID) & Seniors (65+):
Under 2:
9 am - 5 pm
9 am - 8 pm
Fri - Sat:
9 am - 5 pm
Noon - 6 pm
Open 363 days a year!