Schools Using Map Program

Schools & Colleges Participating in the Flint Hills Map & Education Program

Schools are listed when Application and Memorandum of Understanding are completed

* means installation of map exhibit is completed

K-12 Schools:

District Name USD# School
Andover 385 Andover Central High School
Andover 385 Andover Central Middle School
Andover 385 Andover Middle School
Andover 385 Meadowlark Elementary
Andover 385 Sunflower Elementary
Andover 385 Wheatland Elementary
Arkansas City 470 Arkansas City High School
Arkansas City 470 Arkansas City Middle School
Arkansas City 470 C 4 Elementary
Arkansas City 470 I X L Elementary
Augusta 402 Ewalt Elementary
Augusta 402 Garfield Elementary
Augusta 402 Robinson Elementary
Blue Valley 384 Blue Valley High School
Blue Valley 384 Randolph Middle School
Blue Valley 384 McCormick Elementary K-4
Bluestem 205 Bluestem Jr./Sr. High
Bluestem 205 Bluestem Elementary
Cedar Vale 285 Cedar Vale K-12 
Central 462 Central Jr. and Sr. High School
Centre 397 Centre
Chapman 473 Chapman High School
Chapman 473 Chapman Middle School
Chase County 284 Chase County Jr./Sr. High 
Chase County 284 Chase Co Elementary School
Chautauqua 286 Sedan Junior-Senior High 
Chautauqua 286 Sedan Elementary
Circle 375 Circle High School
Circle 375 Circle Middle School
Circle 375 Circle Benton Elementary
Circle 375 Circle Greenwich Elementary
Circle 375 Circle Oil Hill Elementary
Circle 375 Circle Towanda Elementary
Clay Center 379 Lincoln Elementary
Dexter 471 Dexter K-12
Douglass 396 Leonard C Seal Elementary
El Dorado 490 El Dorado High School
El Dorado 490 El Dorado Middle School
El Dorado 490 Grandview Elementary
El Dorado 490 Jefferson Elementary
El Dorado 490 Lincoln Elementary
El Dorado 490 Skelly Elementary
Durh-Hillsb-LeHigh 410 Hillsboro Middle-High School
Durh-Hillsb-LeHigh 410 Hillsboro Elementary
Emporia 253 Emporia High School
Emporia 253 Emporia Middle School
Emporia 253 Logan Ave. Elementary
Emporia 253 Riverside Elementary
Emporia 253 Timmerman Elementary
Emporia 253 Village Elementary
Emporia 253 W A White Elementary
Emporia 253 Walnut Elementary
Eureka 389 Eureka Jr-Sr High
Eureka 389 Marshall Elementary
Flint Hills 492 Flinthills grds 3-12
Flint Hills 492 Flinthills Primary School K-2
Geary County 475 Fort Riley Middle School
Geary County 475 Junction City Middle School
Geary County 475 Custer Elementary
Geary County 475 Fort Riley Elementary
Geary County 475 Franklin Elementary
Geary County 475 LTG Richard J. Seitz Elementary 
Geary County 475 Morris Hill Elementary
Geary County 475 Sheridan Elementary
Geary County 475 Spring Valley Elementary
Geary County 475 Washington Elementary
Geary County 475 Larry Dixon Center (Alt HS)
Goessel 411 Goessel Jr-Sr High School
Goessel 411 Goessel Elementary
Hamilton 390 Hamilton K-12 Schools
Kaw Valley 321 Rossville Jr. - Sr. High School
Kaw Valley 321 St. Mary's Junior Senior High
Kaw Valley 321 Rossville Elementary
Kaw Valley 321 St. Mary's Elementary
Madison-Virgil 386 Madison Jr-Sr High School
Madison-Virgil 386 Madison Elementary
Manhattan-Ogden 383 Manhattan High School-west
Manhattan-Ogden 383 ManhattHigh-east (Freshman)
Manhattan-Ogden 383 Dwight D Eisenhower Middle School 
Manhattan-Ogden 383 Susan B Anthony Middle School 
Manhattan-Ogden 383 Amanda Arnold Elementary
Manhattan-Ogden 383 Bluemont Elementary
Manhattan-Ogden 383 Frank V Bergman Elementary
Manhattan-Ogden 383 Lee Elementary
Manhattan-Ogden 383 Marlatt Elementary
Manhattan-Ogden 383 Northview Elementary
Manhattan-Ogden 383 Ogden Elementary
Manhattan-Ogden 383 Theo Roosevelt Elementary
Manhattan-Ogden 383 Woodrow Wilson Elementary
Manhattan-Ogden 383 College Hill Preschool
Marion 408 Marion Middle School
Marion 408 Marion Elementary
Wabaunsee 329 Wabaunsee JrHigh gd 7-8
Wabaunsee 329 Alma Grade School
Wabaunsee 329 Maple Hill Elementary
Wabaunsee 329 Paxico Middle School  gd 5-6
Mission Valley 330 Mission Valley Elementary
Morris County 417 Council Grove Jr-Sr High
Morris County 417 Council Grove Elementary
Morris County 417 Prairie Heights Elementary
Newton 373 Walton Rural Life Center
North Lyon County 251 Northern Heights High School
North Lyon County 251 Americus Elem/NLC JR High
North Lyon County 251 Reading Elementary School
Onaga 322 Onaga K-12
Peabody-Burns 398 Peabody-Burns Jr/Sr High School 
Peabody-Burns 398 Peabody-Burns Elementary
Remington-Whitewtr 206 Fredric Remington High
Remington-Whitewtr 206 Remington Middle School
Remington-Whitewtr 206 Remington Elementary
Riley County 378 Riley County Jr-Sr High School
Riley County 378 Riley County Grade School
Rock Creek 323 Rock Creek JR/SR High School
Rock Creek 323 St. George Elementary
Rock Creek 323 Westmoreland Elementary
Rose Hill 394 Rose Hill High
Rose Hill 394 Rose Hill Middle School
Rose Hill 394 Rose Hill Primary+Intermediate
Soloman 393 Soloman High
South Lyon County 252 Hartford Jr-Sr High
South Lyon County 252 Olpe Jr.-Sr High School
South Lyon County 252 Neosho Rapids K thru 6
South Lyon County 252 Olpe Elementary K-6
Twin Valley 240 Bennington Jr-Sr High
Udall 463 Udall Middle-High School
Udall 463 Udall Elementary
Valley Heights 498 Valley Heights JR/SR High
Valley Heights 498 Valley Hgts Elem-Blue Rapids
Wamego 320 Wamego Middle School
Wamego 320 West Elementary
Winfield 465 Winfield High
Winfield 465 Winfield Middle School
Winfield 465 Country View Elementary
Winfield 465 Irving Elementary
Winfield 465 Lowell Elementary
Winfield 465 Whittier Elementary
YatesCtr 366 Yates Center High
YatesCtr 366 Yates Center Elem-Middle Sch
    Hominy Primary (Okla)


Butler Community College* Hubbard Student Center
Emporia State University William Allen White Library
Emporia State University School of Education-Visser Hall
Flint Hills Technical College Main Building
Kansas State University KSU Student Union
Kansas State University Dept Agronomy-Throckmorton
Manhattan Area Tech College Main Building

Other Sites Displaying Flint Hills Map Exhibit:

Flint Hills Discovery Center 
Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve
YMCA Camp Wood
Lyon County History Center