Youth Education Endowment Fund

On April 16, 2016 at the Friend of the Flint Hills event honoring Nancy Kassebaum the FHDC Foundation launched an endowment fund which is managed by the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation.

Mission: To support youth educational programming and events delivered by the Flint Hills Discovery Center which are designed to inspire youth to interpret, explore and preserve the Flint Hills.

Focus: To insure a continuous stream of funds to sustain the quality youth programming currently offered by the Flint Hills Discovery Center.

Goal: Raise $1,000,000 over a two year period in order to establish a permanent endowment that would sustain Flint Hills Discovery Center youth programming and events in perpetuity.  Funding efforts would be ongoing after the initial two year period in order to expand, continue and improve the Flint Hills Discovery Center opportunities to educate youth about this unique region whether they live in the area or have traveled here to enjoy the benefits of Manhattan and the surrounding Flint Hills.

Distribution of Funds:
Funds raised will be used to establish the permanent endowment fund to support, expand and enhance the current educational programs currently delivered by the Flint Hills Discovery Center to youth.  90 percent of the funds will go directly to the permanent Flint Hills Discovery Center Youth Educational Endowment.  Each year 5 percent of the endowment fund would be distributed to the Flint Hills Discovery Center designated for youth programs. The remaining 10 percent of the funds would go directly

to the Foundation for ongoing operating and development activities.  Such activities would include further fundraising efforts, donor recognition and support of special projects which are compatible with the Flint Hills Discovery Center and the Foundation’s missions.

The Foundation asks that you join with it in this wonderful opportunity to designate your funding dollars directly to youth educational programs at the Flint Hills Discovery Center. You may make your financial donation as a lump sum or establish an ongoing pledge on the donation page.  Thank you for your support!