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Non-English speaking communities in local area today
foreign languages
social studies, sociology
Non-English speaking groups in local area during earlier times
foreign languages
social studies, history
Ethnic cultural festival
foreign languages
social studies, sociology
Translate a local newspaper article relating to a Flint Hills subject
foreign languages
language arts, writing, journalism
Foreign language newspapers or magazines in the Flint Hills
foreign languages
language arts, writing, journalism; business

Flint Hills Learning Activities to Integrate Flint Hills Into Existing Curriculum


(Spanish, German, French, etc.)

1. Non-English Speaking Communities in Local Area Today

Students will investigate any non-English speaking communities in their local area today. What language(s) are spoken? What is the level of foreign language use in the home? How are citizens adapting and acquiring English language skills? What barriers in daily living do these people face? Students will assist in organizations or literacy programs in the school or community to work one-on-one assisting English language learners. Students will write a response essay summarizing the challenges for non-English speakers in their community. (foreign languagesm social studies, sociology)

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2. Non-English Speaking Groups in Their Local Area During Earlier Times

Students will research any non-English speaking groups in their local area during earlier times. From what areas did they emigrate? Does the local historical society have any primary documents written in the foreign language of these citizens? If so, assist the historical society by creating translations of these documents. (foreign languages, social studies, history)

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3. Ethnic Cultural Festival

Students will explore the ways an ethnic cultural festival can celebrate the cultures of non-English speaking ethnic groups. Does an ethnic cultural festival exist in your community or in another community in the Flint Hills? If so, what activities are involved and how do they reflect the ethnic culture? What activities might be added to enhance the festival? If no festival exists nearby, students will design a local festival event: either for today or such as might have occurred in earlier days. Students will plan activities to celebrate the food, clothing, art, work, religion, family values, and other traditions of their subject language culture. Students will create an outline of their festival plans. Students will write a “Welcome speech” in their subject language that might be given by a local leader in the ethnic community - welcoming guests to the festival and describing aspects of the culture to be celebrated that day. (foreign languages, social studies, sociology)

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4. Translate a Local Newspaper Article Relating to a Flint Hills Subject

Students will translate a local newspaper article relating to a Flint Hills subject into their subject foreign language. What terms are difficult to translate? How does local usage develop terms and expressions that are unique to one place? (foreign languages, language arts, writing, journalism)

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5. Foreign Language Newspapers or Magazines in Their Community or in Another Community in the Flint Hills

Students will investigate foreign language newspapers or magazines in their community or in another community in the Flint Hills. What kinds of articles are in the newspaper? What kinds of advertisements do they contain? Analyze their marketing choices. How do they serve the community? What other articles might be helpful? What is the source of these publications? Who does the writing and translation for them? Students will write an outline listing ways this information source serves the non-English speakers in their community. Students will translate into English one of the articles in the publication (if the source is in the foreign language being studied). [see Emporia Gazette - La Voz Latina] (foreign languages, language arts, writing, journalism, business) 

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