How to Share Ideas

Share your comments and ideas: help our program better serve student, teacher, and public needs. Send feedback, blog submissions, resource and teaching ideas to Annie Wilson, Teacher Advisory Committee by email

Teachers:  Each of you brings special knowledge and perspective to these lessons.  Let us know your experience using our resources. Do you suggest any changes or additions? Please share activities and materials you develop to implement the learning activities, adapt the lesson plans, or create new projects. Let’s all collaborate to grow this curriculum and broaden our choices.

Ways to Share

Recommend 200-500 words.  If possible, please include photos & / or link to video. Suggested blog topics: 


  • Describe and share one of your own Flint Hills activities or resources (we can also add to website – see below)
  • Describe your experiences in using one of our Lesson Plans in your classroom – ways to adapt & improve it
  • Tell how you developed one of our Learning Activities into a class activity – share materials, show adaptations to specific grade levels
  • Explain how you utilized one of our Flint Hill Information Resources in your classroom
Researchers, Others:

  • Share your experiences with one of our Flint Hill Information Resources in your research
  • Recommend a helpful website, a great book, quotation, etc.

Please use format similar to our "Learning Activities"

  • Main Subject Area
  • Brief Description of lesson topic & learning objective
  • Critical questions for students to explore
  • Main subject area first; then additional related subject(s)
  • Suggested Reference(s) - on or more on-line links if possible (we can add these to our Information Resource section also)
  • Your name and school

      SUBMIT A NEW LESSON PLAN (LONGER FORMAT) or MATERIALS for an existing lesson plan. Share an actual Lesson Plan for us to add to our FLINT HILLS LESSON PLANS page.  Also, if you develop materials and more specific activities for any of our Learning Activities, esp. if for specific grade levels, this would be very helpful.  If possible, we like to have the following components in our Lesson Plans:

  Your Name, Subject area, School name, and Town – listed at top of lesson plan to credit you for your work. 

  1. Title/name of lesson
  2. Subject area(s)
  3. Topics
  4. Grade level
  5. Time length
  6. Curriculum standard/benchmark –number + short description
  7. List materials needed
  8. Activities
  9. Assessment
  10. Extension for students who learn quickly
  11. Assistance for special needs students
  12. Technology
PLEASE NOTE:  All submissions will be reviewed and possibly edited by the Teacher Advisory Committee before adding to website.  

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