Summer 2017

Adventure Camp is a great way to keep your child learning and entertained all summer long! Camps can include activities like fun experiments, outdoor excursions and creative crafts.

Children may be dropped off as early as 7:30 a.m. for each session in which they are enrolled. Pick up for half-day registration is between noon and 12:15 p.m. Pick up for full-day registration is between 5 and 5:30 p.m. Day registrants must bring their own sack lunch.

Steps to Get You on Your Next Adventure:

1. Pick a Camp
Choose the appropriate camp from the chart below based on the grade completed in Spring 2017.  Please note children must have completed Kindergarten to enroll in Adventure Camp.
2. Preregister
All participants need to preregister for each session. Click here to preregister.
3. Fill out Forms
Complete emergency release and permission forms and return them to the FHDC Education Department on or before your first program of the season. Click here to complete forms.
4. Review the Parent Handbook
All parents should read the Adventure Camp Parent Handbook prior to dropping their child off at camp. Parents failing to follow the rules and regulations outlined in this handbook may result in a child’s removal from camp. 
5.Review the Refund Policy

Registrants will receive a full refund if the program is canceled or may be transferred to another class. A full refund is granted if a request to withdraw is received one week (seven days) prior to the start date. A partial refund is granted if requested between one week and at least 48 hours prior to start date. There will be no refund if request is less than 48 hours in advance or if the participant fails to show.

Summer 2017 Rates

Sessions Members Fee Non-members Fee
Full Day Camp
$23 $26
Half Day
$14 $16

Adventure Camps

Click a tab to choose the correct camp based on grade level completed in spring 2017.
  1. Grades K-2nd
  2. Grades 3-6
Class Date Description
What's Inside?* Monday, June 5 Have you ever wondered what's inside your favorite 
toys or gadgets? Come take some old used things 
apart with us to see what's inside. It’ll be a day of science fun!
Sun Power* Tuesday, June 6 Learn the power of the sun by building a solar oven, 
racing solar cars, and playing with our immense solar balloon!
Upcycling* Wednesday, June 7 It’s time to turn trash into treasure. Come learn how to 
“upcycle” as you transform recycled items into works of art!
Space Explorers* Thursday, June 8 Peer into the stars at this astronomical day camp. 
 Learn about the constellations, peer through a 
telescope, and prepare for the upcoming Solar Eclipse!
Weird Weather* Friday, June 9 Kansas is known for its weird weather. Now it’s 
your turn to try and make tornadoes, experiment 
with the wind, and make snow in June!
Water Play Monday, July 3 It’s all about keeping cool with our water based games 
at this Adventure Camp! We will have water balloons 
and more as we celebrate summer fun.
Carnival Games Wednesday, July 5 Who doesn’t love a good carnival? Come celebrate 
summer with carnival inspired games and crafts, 
we will even try different foods on a stick!
Puzzles and Brainteasers* Thursday, July 6 It’s all about problem solving with puzzles and 
other mind-bending challenges. Come put on 
your thinking cap and prove you’ve got the skills 
to solve our riddles and mind-bogglers!
Messy Science* Friday, July 7 Discovering science is not always clean! We’ll have 
fizzy explosions, some loud noises and lots to clean 
up after this fun camp full of experiments. If you 
like making messes, this is the day camp you shouldn’t miss!
Animal Superpowers Monday, July 31 Animals have amazing skills and we will be learning 
about some of the most incredible ones! Design your 
own creature, complete with habitat and learn 
about some of the most important animals on the prairie.
Insect Inspectors* Tuesday, August 1 Be a bug expert, discover many different bugs and 
design a roly-poly house! You will make a new friend 
with more legs than you. 
Nature in the City Wednesday, August 2 It’s not all concrete, cars and buildings. Come on a 
walking adventure to find islands of nature all around 
us in The Little Apple.  
Kansas River Walk Thursday, August 3 The Kansas River is just steps away from the 
Flint Hills Discovery Center. Get ready to go on 
a walk to see what life we can find on the banks 
and in the trees along our nearest river.
Prairie Chicken Dance Friday, August 4 Birds have some amazing dance moves and we 
will learn some of their best steps. Come dance and 
play the prairie chicken way, then tell your friends all 
about our very special tall grass grouse, the Greater Prairie-Chicken.
* Denotes a STEM program that focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics as they apply to the Flint Hills.