Winter/Spring 2017

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Class Date Grade Description
Civil Rights in Kansas Monday, January 16 3-6 Celebrate MLK Day with the Flint Hills Discovery Center! Students will retrace Kings’ steps during his visit to Manhattan and K-State for his January 19, 1968 speech. We will also take a field trip to the Brown v Board National Historic Site in Topeka. Through these visits children will gain an increased appreciation of civil rights history in Kansas.  

Off to Marysville

Friday, February 10 3-6

Explore Alcove Springs! We’ll head to Alcove Springs in the morning and explore the area. Children will experiment with Ivory soap and learn about liquids, solids and gasses. We’ll also carve and craft soap bars. Then, we’ll have some lunch in town. After lunch, children will enjoy a tour a Pony Express Museum ($5 for adults, free for children). Last, we will check out the park and head back to the FHDC.

*Sugar Science Monday, February 13 3-6 Children learn about the science of sugar, if candy gives them cavities, how to test foods for glucose and sugar rainbows!
*More than Eating Thursday, February 16 3-6 Children will travel through all the people who take part in getting their burger ready for dinner. They’ll learn all about composting, growing gardens, water waste, and reducing food waste. 
Food Culture Friday, February 17 3-6 Children will learn how culture affects eating habits. We’ll travel through different countries and regions in the US, try new foods, and have some fun food challenges! 
*Beyond Baking Friday, March 17 3-6 Today is all about learning the science behind baking! Using all the ingredients in simple cookies, we’ll go though the travels of each ingredient until it walks out of the store with you – or, what happens if it doesn’t leave the store before its expiration date. 
*Farm Visit Monday, March 20 3-6 Campers will experience modern farm life by visiting a real working family farm outside Manhattan. The perfect opportunity to plant some seeds, interact with farm animals, and see a tractor up close!
*Day at the Lake Tuesday, March 21 3-6

Today, we’ll take a trip to Milford Nature Center. We will hike, weigh and measure fish, explore the nature center and have lunch. No half-day sessions available.

*Cooking 101 Wednesday, March 22 3-6 Today we’ll learn about the power of sight, smell and taste in cooking. Children will make up their own recipe to make in the classroom and create their own recipe book.
*Animal Adventures Thursday, March 23 3-6 We’ll take a trip to Sunset Zoo and learn about what different animals eat, differences of teeth size and shape, and blubber – how arctic animals store energy to keep warm!
Off to Abilene Friday, March 24 3-6 Today we’ll be visiting Abilene’s American Heritage Museum. Children will learn about the history of food culture, the tradition of inviting guests over for dinner, have a tea party and learn about traditional tea time, and take a train ride! No half-day sessions available.
*Happy Birthday Discovery Center! Friday, April 14 3-6 Today we’ll be celebrating the Discovery Center’s 5th Birthday! The party will include vinegar and baking soda balloons, learning about the design of the Discovery Center, decorate a cake and lots of birthday games.
*Summer is Here! Friday, May 5 3-6 Summer is finally here so it’s time to celebrate! We’ll explore the science of solar power, make our own chalk, and decorate custom flip-flops to take home.
* Denotes a STEM program that focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics as they apply to the Flint Hills.